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Old Strongman Routine


Trying to find a specific routine by an old school strong man that was posted in an article or maybe a thread. It was a basic linear periodization routine like 8x3 one week then the next week it was 7x3 and 1x4, then the following week 6x3 and 2x4 and so on week by week. I thought it was Paul Anderson and how he built his initial foundation but couldn't find anything. Anyone have any idea.


That sounds like Doug Hepburn's routine.


For sure Hepburn Had the 4-10 singles. Add a single each workout

The 4-10 sets of 3. Same as above

5 sets of 3 and work up to 5 sets of 5 by adding a rep each workout

I think, maybe, he also had the 6 @ 80% and 1 @ 90-95% and repeat a few times each workout


Hepburn had the 4-10 singles. Add a single each workout until 10

5x3 add until 5x5

4-10 sets of 3. add a set until 10 sets

NOt sure but was it him who did a set of 6 for about 80-85% then set of 1 for 90-95% and repeat a few more times.




Yes that was it Doug Hepburn. Thanks guys.


Great we site for old strongmen workouts.


Yes thanks, I knew that one from Tibs.