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Old Spice Parody



how's black ops?


better than halo reach


This thread sucks


class of '05 fails again!




Watching you 2 go at it makes my Day. Debs, Wol your the Frazier/Ali of the T-Nation. Love it.


I'm not sure how to respond to that, but as long as I give her some brain damage, I'm happy.


Cat picture!


In case you gentlemen are hypnotized, look above the waist and in the background you will see a white cat.

This is like a perverted version of "Where's Waldo?"


Don't worry. Nobody is actually reading your thread.


118 views and no one is forced to read? Mission Accomplished.


That's just you and ME and F5, baby.


I'm here for '05 moral support.


You're forgetting the dozens of lurkers out there and the T-members who are ignoring work and combing through GAL for funny link and slightly SFW female nudity.

Which this thread has two of!

I ain't mad tho.



All I saw was a pussy pic. Where is this supposed female semi nudity?



OMG the sesame street version is win.