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Old School Weight Lifting


Looking up Bob Hoffman from today's article, I found a book he had written. Some things I found interesting were that he recommended using a pronated grip only. And some of the exercises he explained looked a bit.. silly? Like the straddle lift. And the way they used to squat (on their toes, not heels) is cool (I knew this was the case, since lifting on heels is post-50s) but just seeing a picture is kind of funny. Also, has anyone ever tried the high deadlift?



I might have to start doing the straddle lift at the gym.

I can only imagine the looks I'll get if I just go in, and start grunting really loud while I do it. It will be amazing.


I think I've seen Kai Greene doing the straddle lift in one of his videos. He was focusing on his glutes and hamstrings that day. I thought it looked weird too.


Wow, what a cool book. I found his exercises, training progression, eating habits, and mostly everything to be on point with what we believe today. Funny how they already had all the basics figured out over 60 years ago.


I've got a copy of Bill Pearl's awesome and relatively rare "Keys to the Inner Universe", and he's included some really , errr, abstract movements in the exercise section. I remember one movement which was a kind of decline bench/leg raise combination...I think you'd need the coordination of a gymnast to pull it off


Just don't stand up too fast on the straddle lift... that could potentially not end well.


LOL. A guy at our gym was doing the straddle lift last week. We all burst out laughing at him, but in a friendly way.


the straddle lift can also be called the jefferson lift, or just "jeffersons". I have done these, they are easier on the back than deadlifts, so are a good substitute if you're nursing an injury. Usually one side is much more awkward than the other though, that's the drawback. Overall a challenging meaty excercise, it's worth a shot for anyone.




That picture is totally the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the straddle lift.

Actually... now it probably will be.