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Old School Training in VA?

Ok all - pretty basic question here. A buddy and I are looking into doing a few side outings for some old school functional training… you know, dragging a sled, flipping a tire, stuff like that. Unfortunately neither of us live in a place where we can store such items.

Thus my question. Does anyone know of a place in Virginia, specifically Northern VA and/or Hampton Roads/Williamsburg where there is some of this stuff? I was hoping there might be some kind of “course” or something somewhere - a T-man playground so to speak :).

If you know anywhere we can go, let me know! Thanks!!


I say check out the SEVERAL DC/Nova threads. One in off topic the other is in pic forum. We have been meeting at least once a week and doing various activities.

They are meeting again Saturday, I wont be at this one as I am currently out of town but the next week I will be in.

Hope to see you there,


Thanks for the info bro. Unfortunately I live down in Williamsburg for school, but I come up to NOVA every now and then so I’ll definitely try to hit up one of these meetings… I’ll prob drag my buddy along too :).

That said - to be brutally honest - neither of us is really the strongest guy in the world (one of the reasons we wanna do it :wink: ), further, we have never done any of this shit before. I didn’t want to be an annoyance at these gatherings, where it seems everyone really knows whats up. If people there don’t mind showing us the ropes though I’m all for it.

Will probably be a few weeks before I come to town - I’m on vacation then I have to move back down to school - but I’ll keep an eye on whats going on!


These things are far from organized man. We just look at the as extra w/o’s. Find out who shows and what they bring and build are w/o from there.

So come along anytime. The more the merrier.

Sweet bro. I was thinking of getting some sandbags… if I do, I’ll be sure to bring them along. Apparently playing catch with a 50+lb sandbag is fun and a great workout ;-).

I’m not 100% sure when it will be that I’ll finally be able to join you guys though - will you continue posting outing dates and such on those two threads you mentioned before?