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Old School Set and Rep Scheme

I remember, when I was a boy working out with my father, he used to have me do sets that resemble this:


That would be three sets. One of 100 lbs and 8 reps; one of 120 with 6 reps, and the last of 140 with 4 reps.

Those reps counts would be for a compound movement whereas a iso movement would have three sets of 12-10-8.

The idea was that you had to get the full 8-6-4 or 12-10-8 rep count, or you couldn’t move up in weight. Also, if you felt weak on a certain set, you would have to try it once more(as long as it didn’t hurt) and possibly do a burn out set too.

I really liked it a lot and was really comfortable with it. What are the pros and cons of doing this?

I’m not looking for anyone to criticize my father. This was 10 years ago. We all know everything has changed since then. I praise him for introducing me to weights rather than video games. Just looking for a healthy discussion of sets/reps schemes.

Thanks and good day!