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Old School Reel Mowers

any one use those things ?

i’m thinking i’ll turn my lawn mowing time into gpp / gym warm-up time by x-vesting it with the reel mower.

i know people probably used these tools for as long or longer than the power mowers we use today but i’m still wondering : do they work ?

the mower i saw @ sears looked like junk. there must be a beeter one somewhere. the scott’s classic looks much better but i’ve only seen it online. any recommendations ?

They suck. My sister had one and it was awful if the grass was thick.

No idea what brand.

they actually aren’t that good. you really have to keep sharpening the blades and you really have to push the thing hard and fast to get the blades to take. even then the cut on your grass comes out pretty uneven and haggard. I have a small yard so I figured this would be better than buying an expensive gas powered motor. Turned out to be a waste of money.

Check out the Brill mowers. Nice quality. I liked mine. You can google for them or go to PeoplePoweredMachines.com.

I sold mine after I got a bigger lawn. I liked the way the mower worked, but it took me at least an hour with my new lawn. It was great when it only took about 20 minutes on my old lawn.

Also, you have to keep your lawn fairly short. It can’t take down grass that’s taller than a certain height. I went away for 10 days during high grass growing season and I had to borrow a gas mower to knock it down low enough for my push mower to handle it.

Definitely a better workout than a gas mower though. I loved not dealing with gas, exhaust, and noise.

Oh well…

My parents used to have one and it was a bitch and a half. Granted I was like 12 at the time, but I could hardly push the thing, and when you did get it going, you pretty much had to run behind it to get it to cut anything.

One time my older brother was having a party and bet one of his friends $20 that he couldn’t mow a 10’x10’ patch of the back yard. They guy did it but for about half an hour after he finished he laid on the deck and looked like he was going to die.