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Old School Photos

When men were men, everyone squatted in short shorts and wicked 'staches were the norm.

I have a shitload of these type of pics on my comp, so I thought I’d share. Most of them you’ve probably seen before.

Big ups to http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/2008_03_01_archive.html fo r archiving a grip of this stuff.

Don Reinhouldt 905

Pressing a shitload

I love one arm DB presses. Wish I could do 'em this heavy.

Hard to tell from the size of the photo (since the attach image option miniaturized it) but the dumbbell in that photo has a big ol’ “160” on it.

Wow. That blog is a great find. And this picture has instantly become one of my favorites of all time

David Rigert. “Playing” around in the gym, snatching 130kg (in bare feet!) a day after winning the European Championships.

holy shit. Stumbled across this picture on the site. Says it’s the forearm of an ``unknown stage laborer’’

That looks more like a tumor than a muscled up forearm to me. See how it just ends at the wrist and about 4 inches up from the wrist have no develpement at all. my forearms arn’t huge but I have a flowing muscle line tapering to the wrist atleast. Maybe I’m wrong and that is what a HUGE forearm is supposed to look like!.

But then again it is vascular the more I look at it, Holy shit maybe that is one solid coil of steel muscle under there!!!. Makes popeye look like a 14 year old holding a Victoria Sicrets catalog.

Says on the site that part of the wrist was in shadow, which is why it looks so weird.

Ron Collins 716 @ 198 (I think) raw and an awesome 'stache;

Hepburn squatting