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Old School Pharma Quiz

Alright youngsters, I thought we could play a little “been there, done that”

Who remembers:

“Andro Poppers”? These were oral androstenedione made famous by Mark McGuire. I used to crush them with a spoon and put it under my tongue. All I remember was an inflamed prostate!

“Fina plix pellets” the original Tren but in a cow implant that we either ground up and tried going transdermal with DMSO or with 91% alcohol. You had to make sure you got the pure tren and not with added estrogen. These were also the basis of Bill Roberts “finasol”. Bill suggested adding fina to Biotests Androsol for an extra kick. I had several bottles, it made me aggressive but I don’t know what else.

There were anecdotes of guys buying a ton of fina pellets and using transdermal or making finaject. The feds were watching who was buying the fina so some guys made it look like they were in the cattle business :joy:

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Who else “remembers when”?

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I tried using pellets to make my own gear once. It didn’t turn out well and I didn’t have the balls to try the brew.

I remember this one time in Band Camp, I tried Original Ultimate Orange.


I remember diluting and filtering fina pellets