Old School Olympia




quality is rubbish but its old lol

Sid, thank you very much for the links. They were great to watch, and never would have seen or found them. I kept clicking on the daily motions filmstrip on the bottom there are more parts, like battle for the olympia 1996, etc.

yep theres bfto 96 98 and 2000 on there. also on youtube is the actual 96 olympia

Frank Zane was looking huge compared to how he usually looks in some of those vids!

I love seeing the ‘old school’ stuff. When I was prepping for my show last May I read anything I could get my hands on,… the original ‘pumping iron’ book, Bill Pearl’s Bio, Posedown (a collection of old BBer seminars from the 1970’s)… really kept me inspired.


I love Ed Corney’s posing, it’s so awesomely dramatic but in a more aggressive way than Zane’s.

Thanks Sid, great post.