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Old School Nintendo


So I just re-found this in the past week; and have a burning desire to play some of the games like Blades of Steel and River City Ransom.

However I soon realized that my current TVs' hookups do not allow for this to connect.

Does anyone know if there is such a way to do this? I basically need an cable out converter to an RCA connection; I think. My terminology might be off a bit.


just download ROMS and an emulator :smiley:

I have all the NES and SNES games on my computer.


x2 but on DVD


x3 but on a modified Xbox 1.

Play those NES games the way they were intended: On a giant screen with surround sound and a wireless controller. :slight_smile:

Ok, the surround doesn't really work, but Contra and Metroid need a subwoofer.


Radio Shack Jack.

Gonna play some Mike Tyson Punchout?


These classic NES threads never do get old...


Castlevania - just love the music in that game.


This game is pretty fun! Doesn't require an emulator or anything either.



Can somebody post a link to a good emulator?

How'd you modify it? I still have one.


Why out of mario 1, 2, and 3 was #2 the weirdest? It seems like everyone creating the game was on acid or something...



I don't know how it compares to others, but I've used NESticle for years.


2 was actually a whole other game in Japan, they needed something to release in the US so they slapped mario and the princess over the original main characters and called it Mario bros 2. Mario 3 is actually the TRUE sequal.


The easiest way is to find someone in your city who'll do it for you. Check Craigslist.

If you want to do it yourself, you need a few items:

  • One of the hackable games: Splinter Cell, Mechassault or one of the James Bond games (I forget which one exactly). You need an original edition, as the bugs have been fixed in the "Platinum Hits" versions.

  • You'll need an Xbox memory card to put the hacked saved game on with a Linux bootloader.

  • You'll need a way to connect a Xbox controller to your PC. The memory card goes in the controller and you can then copy the 2 files to the memory card. I use a special USB adapter.

Getting all of the above cost me about 25$ total on Ebay, shipping included. The best part of doing it this way (called a "soft mod") is that you can do any number of boxes (I've done 9 so far) without having to open them up. It's also 100% reversible.

The modding part involved copying the 2 files (hacked save game file + Linux bootloader) to the hard disk, starting up the game and loading the hacked file. The Xbox crashes, the LED goes red and after a few seconds, a new dashboard comes up. You can then FTP to the box and install whatever you want (Xbox executables only of course).

I usually install the latest version of XBMC. Upgrading the hard drive is also a good move, since you can then copy games to it and run everything from the hdd. It's not a requirement, but not having to get up to change games is a major plus, let me tell you. Even if you keep the original HDD, you can stream movies, music and photos from any PC on the network (using any numbers of protocols) and run games and emulators from DVDs.

Going from stock Xbox to a modded one with XBMC installed and booting up takes about 10 minutes.

Replacing the hard disk involves opening the case (obviously) and can be done in about one hour.


Man I did the same thing last time I was home. Mine works fine with my TV, my Nintendo has regular Composite out, 1 vid 1 audio. Mine's currently not working due to the 72 pin connector being done. I opened her up and cleaned it but that only work for about 10 minutes of Punch Out.....




remember contra


I tried last night; all in vein.

I tried the audio/video outs on the side and plugged them into my component input...nothing

I ran the ANT into the Nintendo Box/Plug Unit and from there into an RF adapter; then from the RF adapter I ran a Red/Yellow/White set into my other component...nothing.

I got pretty pissed off between it not working, millions of miles of wire, being next to the heater and all the TESTOSTERONE in my body...so I stopped and took a nap.


Jnes makes a decent emulator.


The Lost Levels is SMB 2. SMB3 is SMB3


I had an urge to play NBA Jam 95 (SNES) the other week.
I've deleted it now but it only took about 15mins to find an emulator and get the game working.

If you don't have a gamepad it sucks though.