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Old School Nickelodeon


Anyone up for a bit of nostalgia?

This thread is for all those awesome nickelodeon shows you'd watch and think "I'd totally pwn these other kids."


FWIW, if anyone has a piece of the aggro crag I'd be willing to buy it.


The black team was the best.



Legends of the Hidden Temple

Is there anyone who didn't they could run through these obstace courses?


used to watch everything, but one day i remember in college i googled secret world of alex mack just fuckin
around and discovered there is very large fanbase of potential pedophiles obsessed with the girl from that show and her character on alex mack, were talking websites, message boards, the works. really awkward.


This is a snap shot from Family Double Dare.

Let's play a game - who here isn't in the family?


This is Mo from Global Guts. Apparently she is a comedian now - don't bother looking her up, she's not funny.


Blobal Guts!

dude, they always had a JACKED Russian kid on every episode and a tiny kid from Wisconsin that always beat him!!

damn, Lanky Omafa, this thread will be EPIC!

Rocko's Modern Life
Ren and Stimpy
My Brother and Me
Rugrats before they went all lame

I want to go out and buy some Gak now!!!

dude, fucking yes!!!!




Open wide fucker!


Clarissa was def hot.

In a not hot kinda way.


All That

But seriously, if anyone has a piece of the aggro crag I want to buy it. All I could find online were replicas. I imagine there's got to be some dude out there who has fallen on hard times and needs some crack money - who just happened to win Global Guts 15 years ago.


Rock - never tried making it but apparently GaK is pretty damn easy to make!


Edit - and good fucking call on Rocko's modern life. The dryest kid humor around, haha.


crag money?


lol, man, this show was so boring but it ranks top five in most 90's kids shows. There's a something in this episode for you at 6 mins 25 secs lol

I gotta find all these dvd's for my kid, he or she will not be watching fairly odd parents!


I was also a fan of Aaaaah, Real Monsters, but other than that, the list is perfect.

Anyone here have Nick GAS on TV? My roommates and myself used to sit at home, get wasted and make bets.


Ha, I did that at my friend's house a few years ago on a pretty regular basis.


You can't do that on television:



I can't remember if it was "connected" to All-That, but the Keenan & Kel show was a favorite.