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Old School Muscle


I found this cartoon online, in a book called "Muscle Moulding" written by Harry Paschall written in 1950.

Even then, they realized that training the Snatch = very, very good, and fluffy pretty boy muscles = not very good. That's definitely something to consider.


I like how the deadlifter is all stretched out. lol


Most likely inspired by Bob Peoples, the first American to pull over 700 pounds, (in 1948, while weighing under 190). He had practically no delts. (Sorry, I was in a bit of a retro mood today.)


Be careful when posting the amazing accomplishments of the old-timers... You're liable to get all kinds of dudes ripping you becuase they know of a guy who did much more a few decades later!

The old guy's lifts make for GREAT reading.
And that cartoon is pretty damn funny. I can't decide if the pressers build is better than the snatchers or vice versa. I think the pressers legs look a little big when compared to the pressers I knew!


Good stuff.


I love this. Good find.