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Old School MAG-10

I ahve a little bit more than half a bottle of old school MAG-10 (liquid form). I opened it in at in the spring of 2003 and the bottle has an expiration date of February 2006.

  1. Is it actually any good if its been open that long?

  2. If so, what realistically can I use it for? I mean its only half a bottle. I weigh ~210 and i am currently doing WSSB2 along with training for a half marathon and playing hockey twice a week…the result has been some muscle and size gain but some bodyfat lose. I wouldnt mind using it for increased fatloss if thats possible given the amount.

Use it for a week.

At worst it will not do a thing from being opened and old at best you will get aided recovery and some Lean mass built. Continue to train hard eat right and see how goes it.

I miss that cinnamon-acid taste mmmmmmm.

any need for PCT with a dose as low as that. I happen to have a half a bottle of old school TRIBEX lying around as well.

No need for PCT but since you have it lying around you might as well add that in towards the end of the week and run it as well until you are out.

Ah, that was the delicious one that removed the skin from your mouth.

I too have a bottle hanging around and really, really, don’t want to use it again.

i cant remember, are you supposed to front load this stuff?

i recall a bottle lasting 2 weeks is that right? so if i only have half a bottle left at a cap full a day then does it make sense to front load at all?