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Old School Log


Taking a shot at starting a training log, not sure if i'll stick with it but here goes.
First, current stats:
Ht 5'8
Wt 203 and coming down
Sq 500
Bp 365
DL 590
Age 48 this year
Years of training, a looong time except for an 6 year lay off in the late 90's


I am coming off a max week and a light week. I probably won't max again until late summer so going to try to strengthen some weak areas and add in some stuff i haven't done in a long time.
Monday's workout
Shoulder mob/stability
Power snatch (haven't done these in years)
Push Press Behind Neck
135/4x5 155/2x5
Wt dips
Db Row
T-bar row
Db tri
Very narrow bench


Hey German! Nice to see you got a log up :slightly_smiling:

Those are some great numbers and solid training.

I'll def be following along. Have a great day!


A 500 squat and 590 deadlift is awesome. Were they done at 203? Wow!



Ah my old friend Maschy. Hope you have a great day also.
Farmer, yes done at 203-204, thanks.


Today's training. Goal was to train legs and take low back and glutes out of the equation a bit. I tend to be a back squatter so to speak. Took a few sets to find right weight since i haven't done some of these exercises in a while

Hip mobility and firing
Safety sq (after warm-up)

Power squat (facing out like hack squat)

Single Leg Bulgarian sq
135/4x5 E

Leg Ext 6x6
Heel raise 6x10

Farmer walk 2x 50 sec
V-ups x30 x20 (focused on using abs on v-ups, slow and controled)

About 95 min total workout time


Hi, Gernamone, is this your first visit to the old geezers' home? Welcome. Lots of good advice on Geritol supplementation, Lawrence Welk DVD's, getting the most out of your Hoveround....


ha ha ha...i just saw a Lawrence Welk show on PBS this weekend (i watched for about 30 sec, btw). Felt like i was back at my grand parents house. Now throw a little Hee Haa in there and we are talking...lol


Who is Lawrence Welk :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously...


Lol, he had a show on with an orchestra, singers, performers, etc. Music and things that old people would listen too, waltzes, blah blah...lol. Not sure when it started but i remember it in the 60's.


Hee Haw was a classic...


lol...yes it was. Loved the cut off jeans, and tied up shirts on the chicks...


Welcome :slight_smile: Great numbers


Thanks Bulldog. Looking forward to following some logs and seeing what everyone is doing. Should be fun.


Wow, you're strong. Welcome, and I hope you will be posting videos, which I will then use to motivate my lazy ass. :slight_smile:

Why are you trying to lose weight? I know it's a fuzzy, pseudo-science thing, but in theory I believe you are at an optimum weight for your height, if strength is the main goal.


Hey Punnyguy thanks for stopping by.
I guess as i get older it is as much about feeling healthy as being strong and i feel better/healthier when i am little lighter? Goal is to just get leaner and not lose strength, but we'll see how that goes.


I know how the wanting to feel better as you age goes, and 'They' always say, 'its easier to stay in shape, than get in shape', and 'the older you get, the harder it gets', etc....

I have settled down somewhat on losing weight, I went from 30% or so BF at 275 lbs, to hovering in the 14-15% range around 230 now for 4-5 months. And it seems like every time I start sliding down below 225, something happens that screws up my diet for a week or two, and puts me right back around the 228-230 area. So I have kinda decided to not worry about cutting the diet as much, and am trying(unsuccessfully so far) to just hit the gym more often for cardio and the like, aside from my lifting.

Good luck on your quest, and nice lifting numbers.


Thanks Ogre,
Wow, that is a pretty good drop in weight. How do you feel at 230 compared to 275, and how did your strength hold up?


Well, I wasn't lifting when I was 275, heh. And I feel like a kid again, literally.


Myron Floren could flat out jam on an accordian.

Welcome to the geriatric wing of the gym.