Old School Lives at My Gym

How many old school bodybuilder’s workout at your gym? This guy goes to mine and he’s pretty hard core…

damnit, the pic came out sideways!

And by hardcore you mean???

If he ever offers you a roundhouse kick to the face, decline.

Hard core, meaning he has been training for 30 years…

Is he hardcore cause he goes home to Starla every night. Forget about it

He’s a real american, fights for the rights of every man, fights for his rights, fights for his rights!!!

Something like that…


There’s an old guy at my gym who thinks he’s an old school bodybuilder - always likes to talk about what he used to be and what he used to be able to do. Now he wears spandex shorts that show off his bird like legs, a fanny pack that barely fits around his gut, a cut off sweatshirt (both sleeves cut off and cut off at the navel) or mesh tank top, a brown leather weightbelt that looks like it’s from the 40’s, and either a harley davidson or american flag doo rag ala Hulk Hogan (i.e. I think he has a skullet under that bad boy).

I’ve only ever seen him do seated calf raises and leg extensions.

[quote]Rocky101 wrote:
Is he hardcore cause he goes home to Starla every night. Forget about it[/quote]

There used to be a guy at a gym I used in Irving, TX that worked out in a big bandana, extremely short and tight shorts, and ripped up t-shirt. I wanted to question his choice of attire, but he probably could have killed me just by looking at me.