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Old School Internet


This thread is about all the shit you guys used to do on the internet 10+ years ago. This was my AOL avatar, lol.

Old but classic - Saga of Bloodninja


What do you got?


Has tubgirl been ten years yet?



Mr ABC's

Uh... can't remember any more things.


Downloading music and making cd's for kids at school. Buy a box of cd's for 10 bucks sell each one for 5. I think that's about all I used the tubes for. Oh, and looking at pictures of naked/half naked ladies. Oh how the webz have changed.


I played an MMORPG called Dragon Realms for hours and hours and hours. This was back before "unlimited" internet packages and Way before High speed. I remember my mom got a bill once that was into the hundreds of dollars because I played it so much. I was not allowed to play it again until a few months later when AOL had an unlimited plan come out for like 29.99 per month.

Just checked and it looks like the game is still running. It's text based.



haha lanky I read the first 3 of those bloodninja cybers. Awesome. I still have the AOL dial up screeching noises memorized...

EDIT- don't know how to embed video


Death Track. A racing game where you could ram, missle and drop mines on the other cars. It was awesome.



Dude - downloading songs from servers, remember that?

/servercommand in the chat rooms...something like that, haha.

I remember I downloaded server software and I started my own server chat room but I only had like 40 songs - people requested the list and told me how much my list sucked. Haha, I was the worst server of all time.


good old aol dial-up; now that was fun. i remember trading porn pics in chat rooms, needing to sign into aol to chat with friends since aim didn't exist yet, and actually having to search for shit using multiple search engines since none were all that good.

what a strange and mystical place the internet was before google existed.


My search engine of choice was askjeeves.com.

Aol 2.5 was the shit.

I was like 13 claiming to be 16 in just about every chat room.


One time we caught my buddy in a chat room called "Cute Thick Chicks".


Oh, how I miss the days when it took 3 minutes for one page to load for a website only to be hit with 5,000 and 1 pop ups the moment it goes through.

I do believe "pop up blocker" saved my sanity. I beat up three laptops before that..with my fist.


UMMM Dude, I played DragonRealms.

I was Trevalin Dagmor, 36th circle Paladin.

Who were you?


Altavista was my search engine. RIP.

Ah I remember old school bulletin boards where you used to have to open each reply as a separate page (hell on dial up). Of course I can't forget ICQ back in 98 or so, my usage of it didn't last past the 90s.
Chat rooms of course, talkcity was one I used to go to often.
WTF, they're still around.

Oh, and everybody had their own homepage on geocities! The longer your page took to load the more badass it was. Brb making a sandwich waiting for some fool's page with a million animations to load up.


My one buddy is still holding strong with winamp - he refuses to download iTunes, haha.


Fuck iTunes. I hate the fact that their music won't play on other mp3 devices. I use amazon for my downloads now.


i admire his fortitude. i remember having like a hundred different skins for my winamp, only two of which i actually used.


Yeah, that is freakin' garbage. I rarely download, though, I'm still buying CDs.

Yes, the clear skin was the bomb.


Yea - you probably shouldn't admit that in public. ; )

Kidding - I'm a big game geek myself...


Same here. Thanks. Now I don't feel so... behind the times.


Pic semi-related.