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Old School Half Squats


Im currently getting to the end of a volume block(German VT) in two weeks and hadn't touched a squat weight over 315 in a good month. I throw in half squats (usually with bands) in from time to time and kind of use them as a functional over load similar to the slingshot. The problem is I'm not sure this is the most efficient way to utilize this movement. At the end of gvt im gettin on kortes 3x3 again and I'm just looking to throw in some half squats leading up to getting back in wraps for the first time in quite a while.

Does anyone even do these anymore? If so how do you implement them in your trianing?

Note: I do the half squats with my heels touching and beltless just to kind of illustrate that it's not used as a direct squat movement. More or less just a way to really feel out some weight and learn to be explosive with it.


My gym doesnt have a power rack but i setup a box in squat rack about half squat height maybe a bit lower and do “box squats” half way with about 100lbs more than i do for 5x5 for 5x5…It has improve my squat so much…Makes the full squat weight on your back feel like warmup weight…I love Partials and cycle them in for every MAJOR lift squat bench dead…They are the greatest…However I feel its best to always include full rom after your lockouts for a set or two high reps work well exp…Half suats 5x5 full squats 2x10…Works great as long as u cycle inand out with regular lifts ect
I have not tried bands or chains yet …still in pre historic days in training…Got to buy some bands asap…


This guys moderately strong and pretty down to Earth. He incorporates partial Squats off of boxes, I think they would be a pretty good blend of what you’re looking for. Able to overload the movement while not having to worry about the inconsistency in depth.

Also you note you do the Squats with heels touching, same guy has a video of ‘Platz Squats’ he does, heels touching ATG Squats. Just another interesting note.


I gave up back squats for front squats last year and just recently started doing back squat partials, mostly because even 225 felt way too heavy on my back since I had not done them in so long. Partials seem great as long as you don’t go too much higher than your full rom lift, or your goal for that lift. You can get comfortable with a weight on your back without having to go too much heavier, just do it frequently.