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Old School Comeback...

It’s time for the resurgence of an old T-mag forum favorite…seeing as there has been such a huge number of new faces around here (hell, just in the last six months alone). I haven’t heard anybody talking about our favorite guys in black in a long time, and I just miss them soooo much…I’m about to flip out…


Read and learn the awesomeness, young grasshoppers…

I can’t believe you took time to make that steaming pile of dung. A ninja’s job is to totally flip out and kill people? hahaha

sad, sad day in America…and a major waste of a CPU somewhere.

WTF is that nonsense…

That site is cool!

And by cool, I mean totally sweet!

Robert Hamburger is the man.

que the totally rad pump-up music

“Shut up you bunch of nay-sayers! If anyone dosn’t think this site rules, a ninja, somewhere, somehow, will totally flip out, kill you, and then wail hard on his guitar!”

Wow! What a great site!

I love Ninjas with every part of my being… even my pee pee.

I can’t stand pirates either…

It’s been a while since I’ve had the urge to crap my pants but one look at those Ninjas on the site and it was an overwhelming urge. Thanks for the link.

I have to go check my pants now…just in case it was more than an urge. Damn, Ninjas are sweet!

holy shit, I didn’t know anyone else knew about that site. The sheer randomness of it all is awesome. It makes me want to get really super pissed and try to swallow a frisbee.