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Old School Bodybuilding


I stumbled across this on another forum and thought some here would enjoy it. It's in 5 parts.


I'm not a guy that thinks everything was better back in the day, but I love watching dedicated people train in any era.


Yea I saw this a while ago. It's really good.


Love seeing clips of older school BBers. Still, you see some segments (I've seen the bit with Platz "chinning" [bouncing?!] before) and you just have to realize that with the genetics some of these guys had, they could have done near anything and grown muscle -lol.



Stu, chances are anything can build muscle. It isn't like it is easy to bounce around in a full hang. I mean, Arnold got jacked pushin the wheel of pain.


Wasn't Platz known for doing anything to keep a set going? He might have been doing regular chins and then started doing that bouncing as some sort of finisher. Just speculating here.

Whavever the case, he sure looked great squatting 500lbs for 23 :slightly_smiling:


Oh believe me, I'm a big fan of Platz's work ethic, as well as his sheer enthusiasm for the sport (how can you not like the guy?!), it just seems like he's not getting anything out of his 'set' other than pretending an electric current's going through him.





LMAO - I love that Extension/Dip combo movement. Surely he got it from the latest issue of Men's Health :slightly_smiling:



thanks for posting this, it was a good watch.


20 seconds in was a pretty good shot :slightly_smiling:

Pumping for gold, hahaha. Reminds me of another body building tittle.

scratches head

I like it, good post


it's entertaining to watch them talk about steroid use, something you'd never hear now.

aesthetics were the name of the game back then and the quality of the physiques were above those of today with a few exceptions, one being troy alves


that air humping was hilarious!


Thumbs up @ 7:40 or so.. Arnold wasn't lying about the gym and the coming haha


Ah the gold old days. I was born in the wrong era!


^ You act like anyone is stopping you from training the way you want.


^ You act like I'm talking about the training and not the atmosphere/environment.


You do realize that the gyms shown in these videos were some of the biggest with many pro bodybuilders training together. Every other gym most likely had the same "atmosphere/environment" as now.


accept that we were just born in the wrong era, except from the part of the ps3, smart phones and cheaper supplements.


@Liv I was taken to powerhouse gym, bolo gym and viking's gym in the early 90's, the latter two which were as bare bones as could be. They were both about the size of my apartment now (1 bedroom) but the intensity in the air was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife. I've been to roughly a dozen gyms since then (albeit much later on, including The Mecca) and its not the same at all. Also, zubaz were the shit.

@kaiser Cheaper supplements maybe but no legal gear! I'm tired of paying my gym owner for shit! (That was a joke.)


I started in 1985/86. Things were very different. Today I'm one of ten guys in a room of fifty that is busting his ass, then I was one of forty in a room of fifty. A lifter has to learn to bring the atmosphere with them!