Old School BodyBuilding

I was cleaning my closet this weekend and came across some old bodybuilding books and magazines. Flipping through these publications made me realise that the competitive bodybuilding scene was really cool at one time. Seeing Platz and Sergio training in those hardcore gyms really made me want to train with them. There’s even a pic of Franco Columbo cleaning to get in position to incline press! He did this because they had no rack! Not to mention they wore kick ass gear. All of these guys had style. Think of Eddie Robinson with his dreds(sp) and torn tank top. Todays competitors and scene are just pathetic. Its too bad to see such a great sport and atmosphere gone bad.

They’re not old school! John Grimek & Reg Park are old school.

Actually you are wrong Drax. Hercules is old school.

Its the money. Back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and early 80s, you had to have a real love of bodybuilding if you wanted to be a pro, because you certainly weren’t going to get rich. Not that today’s athletes are rolling in the dough compared to other sports.

Eddie Robinson is a white bodybuilder who competed more recently, well into the nineties. He has his own web site, though I believe he’s retired from active competition. Is it possible you mean Robbie Robertson? I remember him in the early eighties with the dreads and the torn tank top. If memory serves, I think he sold it to a fan.

Back then there was also a sort of camaderie among the group that you don’t see now. I see pictures of Robby Robinson shaking the hand of Frank Zane. I met Robby and he spoke of the “good old days” and when he did, there was a definite glow about him. Them were happy times. I also got the pleasure of meeting Tom Platz and got to question him at length about them days, he also performed chinese splits for our group - right there. The guy STILL had these immense quads, but he was very flexible - for being so “muscle bound”. And I also was able to train at the Mecca, Venice Golds (NOT the original, but nevertheless, still the Mecca) and I made sure I gazed at each photograph on the walls. Wow. I LOVE looking and reading of the days when Arnold would train with Franco, Dave or Jusup. How they trained legs barefoot. I laugh at the guys (and gals) I see in the gym now who wear belts, gloves and whatever. When we train, it’s blistered hands and no belts. And old, torn and comfy workout clothes. Like them good old days.

You’re right:) My mistake. But what did he sell? His hair or the T-shirt? And for how much.

His T-shirt (in case you weren’t joking). It’s funny you ask, though, because I was so close to writing, “for two hundred dollars,” but I cut it. I hate posting stuff I’m not sure about. I just surfed the net looking for that anecdote, but I couldn’t find it. I’m thinking the T-shirt was sold for two, three, or five hundred dollars, and it was just a rag by then (or so the story goes). By the way, Patricia got the spelling right, as in “Robby.”

I believe it is Robbie Robinson, not Robertson.

You have magazines of men in their swim trunks in your CLOSET. That is pretty gay.

Sure thing “Colon”.

I know what you mean about the gear they used to wear back in the day, the tank tops and sweat jackets where cool. I would like to get ahold of that old vintage clothing.