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Old-School BBers

Why don’t i ever see any old-school physiques anymore? Like Dave Draper-esque or Ed Corney(sp?), etc? Those dudes were pretty big for sure. Is it because of the new types of drugs out now? I’m not saying in BB shows or anything… Just like in the gym or public. Personally, that is pretty much what im going for looks wise. Just something that just popped into my head, thought i would shoot the shit…

your not gonna see physiques like that in your average gym. remember that regardless of the times those are world class physiques. also, your not gonna see them in pro bb because guys today are freaks compared to then. im sure that if you took a trip to la la land and trained in some of the bb type gyms you would see some similiar physiques. but the odds of seing a physique like dave draper in small town california are pretty slim.

P-Dog: Thanks man. That is what i figured. That for sure is what im going for though… Guess i can dream.