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Old School BB Nutrition vs Modern Pros

I get the impression that the old school way was to bulk up to a massive size and loose all definition but gain tonnes of muscle and fat then to go through a cutting phase to loose all the fat which usually led to alot of muscle loss

Is the modern approach to be more controlled so you have an slight excess of caleries to gain lean muscle slowly but surely and then getting ripped is a far easier prosess where very little muscle is lost!?

I have no idea im just guessing is this right or wrong whats the way most modern bodybuilders approach nutrition?

why does grammar have to be so bad in the majority of T-Nation posts?

Sometimes I just stop reading because it is so fucktarded

You’re always going to have competitors who bulk up insanely and then crash diet for a show. I know a few friends who crash diet down for shows, losing huge amounts of weight in reletively short periods of time, all accomplished with the assistance of AAS. When I diet, I have to really do things slowly or else I lose way too much LBM.

According to a lot of the writings on here (read Thibaudeau), excessive bulking isn’t necessary if you have proper nutrition surrounding your training sessions (when your body will benefit the most from it).

That said,… yeah, I am getting a bit annoyed by the horrible grammer and text language on here. I know I make tons of typos because I usualy type too quickly, or even reply to threads while on my Palm treo while eating lunch, but come on.