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Old School AAS, Orals, Me Rambling

I am curious if anyone has any good info sources or knows of any books on old school AAS use. I’m talking 60’s and 70’s era. From what I have read, most steroid use of the time was oral which brings me to my next subject.

I realize most people consider an oral cycle to be inferior to an inj/oral cycle and so many people are worried about liver damage. Personally I think this is way overstated. I haven’t heard of any of the old guys who have dropped dead or needed liver ransplants after many d-bol cycles.

What are other peoples opinions/experience with liver toxicity? Don’t worry, I’m not planning any cycle-just looking for some info.

I’m also curoius as to how they controlled the sides back in the day. I’m pretty sure that nolva, clomid and armidex wern’t around in the 60’s. Did tapering take care of the pct concerns?

By the way, i’m 17, huge and smarter then all of you. Sorry I couldn’t resist after reading the 17yr old on winny thread. Actually I’m 25, probably skinnier then most of you and know less then most of you.

Ok, I’ll shutup now-I appreciate any info/ecperience.

From what I’ve read about the cycles back then, which by the way is very little. They did fairly small doses of dbol everyday, and when they were supposedly off they did small amounts anavar as a bridge.

It is my understanding that they were using for years at a time and I have never heard that they had anything to control side effects. Don’t quote me on this and I might be talking out my ass but I think Arnold was on something like 60mg dbol a day since he was like 16.

I did not read that from Arnold himself and I read it about 14 years ago from someone who was probably speculating so if you take that and 4bucks you can buy some Starbucks coffee.