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Old Scar Tissue and Adhesions


I am a sprinter and over the last few years ive had muscle strains/tears all over my body. I have just had a year off and am starting back. I am aware that there is probably much scar tissue and adhesions in the hams, adductors, hip flexors and a calf. Other than plain old stretching what do I do? Would ART, foam roller (as praised on T-Mag), or other be necessary?


Yes, or you can do what I did and go to a place like Brookstone and pick up thier huge electric massage machine that looks like a metal grinder. I use it all the time or have my wife run it on me. It's only about 100 bucks and it kicks your ass.


"huge electric massage machine that looks like a metal grinder"

Links? Name?


I am currently doing an internship with an ART guy...I am a firm believer. In order to restore muscle imbalances brought on by inter/intramuscular adhesions, its hard to beat. Find somebody certified in ART though; don't just go to somebody doing "deep tissue work" or "neuromuscular re-education" or some other buzz word. The nice thing about a certified ART practitioner is that no matter who you go to (with slight differences) you will recieve the same treatment procedures. Good Luck


Foam roller works pretty good...


Cheers. Dont suppose anyone knows an ART therapist in sydney. Thats where I will be for the next few months.


Try ActiveReleaseTechniques.com to find practitioners in Sydney.



To the original poster, ART or a similar technique will make you feel 10 years younger. Definately would do it in your situation.