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Old QV Test Enth

I have a sealed bottle of old test enth from QV. It is from the original #2 lot, when they first came out.

So, the problem/question is about the expiration date… It expired back in April 2004. I have been keeping it in a cool dark place and never opened it. How long will this be ‘good’ for? I was planning on using it in a few months. Thanks for any input.

It?s probably fine if you kept it in the cool/dark place (like you said.) It might lose some potency over time but most expiration dates are assigned more or less arbitrarily as far as most medications are concerned. There was a study of expired medication done by the army (I think) and even years after their given expiration dates they were almost as good as new (if kept properly.)

It was the U.S. Air Force, and I wish I could find that study again because it was really comprehensive and puts the smack down on the pharmaceuticals.

Basically, the USAF concluded that medications are still viable 20 years past their expiration dates; so they decided to extend their shelf lives for drugs they provide to their servicemen for 10 years past their expiration dates. There was some degradation between 10 and 20 years, but virtually none at 10 years past expiration.

You should be just fine!