Old Question From a New Beginner

I just got into weightlifting and my first week felt great. All my muscles were sore and I could barely walk to campus after leg day. Second week after all the workouts, I didn’t feel any soreness or anything at all. I said to myself,“Okay I just have to intensify my training and try for a couple of more reps”.

Third week, I changed from a 5x8 workout to a 6x6 workout and still I couldn’t feel any muscle soreness even working to failure.
I came about searching for an answer and found this site (I thank everyone for contributing). I just wanted to know, should I be worried that I don’t invoke DOMS and continue with the same routine?

I see alot of mixed feelings about this subject on this website and sorry if this topic has been beaten to death like a dead horse.

DOMS is not a measure of workout effectiveness.

Are you progressing? Are you adding either weight, reps, or sets every workout? If so, continue.

muscle sorness and gains in the gym do not correlate.

don’t sweat it, i thought that once. briefly and to myself though.