Old Protein

I have a 4kg tub of casein protein that is still in date. However it doesnt disperse in water and is like flour no matter the amount of agitation i apply. Id like to use this stuff up before i buy some from Biotest (im damn near broke). Do you guys have any recipies that would make this stuff palatable? ive been throwing a bananna and coco into a blender for choc-bannana smoothies/thickshakes… what do you do?

Swallow it with the lumps in water like a man.

I’ve had good luck stirring powder into my morning oatmeal. Or try to find a recipe for protein bars you can bake. One of JB’s articles had a granola one, and there might be more on his website.

[quote]fahd wrote:
Swallow it with the lumps in water like a man.[/quote]

Lol,good one dude. I use water when I’m rushing.Lmao.