Old Protein, Still good?

I found some old protein in a bag (about 25 lbs whey isolate) in my basement and it’s been sitting for 2 years.

Cold, damp, dry setting not ideal for this.

I have not tasted it either but its just plain.

Should I take a chance or just dump it?

(I just bought protein for my v diet too and it taste pretty good.)


Was the bag exposed to the elements or was it sealed? What is the expiry date on the bag itself?

The ‘plain’ you mentioned, is that in regards to the texture of the powder or the flavour? (Ie. Plain texture = looks normal)

5/22/08 is the expire.

The flavor is plain, it smells like it did years ago, the bag was rolled closed (not sealed).

It was cheaper to buy a big bag direct from the manufacture until protein prices literally tippled vs going to a supplement shop. It really killed this manufacture too but they did not go out of business.

And when I did take a smell it kind of made me nauseous because it’s about as RAW as you can get in powder.

My gut says just chuck it.

Due to the smell, I would agree on the chucking. Plus roll sealing may negate some of the preservative benefits of a dehydrated powder.

It’s a sad day when you throw out a 25lb bag of protein… shall I put the flags at half mast?

Yes, a 21 gun salute.
And to be honest, the Biotest MD taste pretty good compared to the raw powder.