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Old Pride Fight


great fighters


i miss those knees.... dearly


Fuck Unified Rules and all these damn wraslters dominating now.


i think the japanese shouldve had a say in the 'unified rules'

knees, soccer kicks, stomps... we'd still be in the glory days




I wish I was rich enough to bring back Pride...I bet a lot of true fighters would love it!


god I miss Pride rules and an actual ring, who's idea was the cage anyway.


Rorion Gracie's


me too my friend, maybe someday...


Yeah the cage fucking sucks, wall and stall boooooorrrring. Pride rules need to come back maybe in another 20 years, but probably not Americans are giant pussies these days.


That could be fixed simply by penalizing stalls.

I used to be a ring fan, but no longer. We don't need people falling off the ring, or the match being stopped and moved to the center of the ring. That's silly.


Great fight. Can watch it over and over and over again.

RIP Pride


I prefer the ring, and yes wall and stall is painful to watch. I am so tired of watching one guy push another against the cage. I think it also hurts mma's popularity because it slows the action and drives away potential casual fans. Referees need to break these up alot sooner than most do.


You know what? I love this thread, I had meant to post this on the Bad Ass Fights thread but rookie mistake and screwed up. Now I think I will keep the flow of this going and when I get home tomorrow (working tonight) I am going to post a couple other fights, there really wasn't anyone I didn't like back during Pride!



People people people, it isn't like the fight God said ring or cage. Netting, or a chain link roping would all alleviate the problems with rings and cages.


Two of my old Favorites!!


Here is another...told ya I was a Vanderlei Silva fan...


bad music but good highlights


Actually it's an awesome song fromGuilty Gear and one of my favorites highlight i've ever watched.


Guilty Gear uh? Never heard of them...thanks.