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Old Powerlifters Rule




I thought the old powerlifter's rule was that you don't talk about powerlifting?


I saw a guy in that video who looked like he was about 247-248 lbs. Another couple of pounds and his heart is going to blow a hole through his breastplate.


^ Rofl!!


When the gym closed, we decided to do it ourselves," explained Harry Packer, a 76-year-old retired mortgage broker who lives in Porter Ranch and pumps iron despite undergoing triple-bypass surgery last year.

Guess DB is right!


These fuckin guys were good, and I'm glad the LA Times gave them a good story.


It would be awesomer if they were squatting and pulling, but it's still pretty cool.

Old man strength.


They look like crap and will be dead soon anyway.


Why the negativity? On a site where it seems like a disturbingly high percentage of members never lift, and where 90% of the ones who DO lift will be lucky to be doing so when they're the age these guys are, we've gotta hate on them, talk about heart attacks and how they look? Any time I see a senior out there enjoying himself - running, lifting, whatever, I always hope I can be in that kinda condition when I'm that age.


I think the dwarf was being facetious.

But yea, these guys are in tremendous shape for being in their 60s and 70s. Really great to see.


I hope so, that was a shitty thing to say otherwise.


I laughed in real life


Twas a joke. I thought they were awesome actually.


And ID was definitely making a joking reference to the "BB look like crap" thread...


Cool. I'd like to lift in Bob's garage.


Yeah, of course I was joking a reference to BG's thread!

I guess I should always insert a "lol" at the end of my posts.



lol :wink:

I do that more often now too but I worry I'm going to start sounding like a giggly teenager lol (lol!)

But I really am lol much of the time lol


Ha, my bad all. I didn't even read past the first page of the BBers look like crap thread because it seemed like it would be the millionth time the same argument has been held on the site.

I am having my internet sarcasm detector taken into the shop for a tune-up.


Good find Irish. Old man strength FTW.


It pretty much was....