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Old Pic Of Myself


This is me at 17 I think pulling 300.

How do my jeans look, hot right. I had a pretty bad ass basement gym growing up.


its not working.






well fuck it then.


Badass basement maybe, but I would fire the electrician.



LOL! Nice one!




C'mon dude. All teenage males look back with fondness back on marathon pulling sessions in the basement.

I was going to throw in a "rose colored glasses" related quip, but I reserve breaking the taste barrier for trolls.


How bout now.


^ and we have a winner.


Could you pull your jeans up any higher, granddad?


It reminds me of myself when I was young.

How could I eat 2 regular subs from Mr. Sub (a Canadian chain of sub shops) and stay at 173lbs when I was 18?!?!

My weird thought for today is what would it feel like to be able to instantly become 18 again with the 173lb body I had back then?
I mean I'm 250lbs now, and stronger than then of course, but can also run (did 5 km in 28mins yesterday) but even though I feel fine and dandy...I'll bet instantly becoming 18 (I'm 37) would feel like getting off roller skates that you've been on all day.


Here's a pic of me so small.

Yet I still got called fat all the time. HAH! If they could see me now! They'd eat their words...and spit them out now with some righteous indignation.


I loved you in They Live.


Ha! That's great!

Back when I had a mullett! ahhh the 80s!


These pictures look like they were taken in the 1800's.


Not everyone's our age buddy.


is that Scotland?