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I never thought I’d need to join this crowd, but it’s clearly time. Age has a way of sneaking up on you, wrestling you to the ground and then pounding the living $hit out of you. Here I am, dying to lift big like I’m used to, but continually aggrivating a left-side C7 nerve injury. It’s time to face the hard reality.

I can’t keep lifintg like a 20-year old. The problem is I know nothing else.

So rather than start out with a bunch of dumb-a$$ questions, can the vets here point me to some particularly goof threads, or books about bodybuilding after 35?



I don’t know about bodybuilding, but a bunch of us here at the old folks home are doing a strength program called 5/3/1. the e-book costs $20 at www.elitefts.com. There is a thread on the strength sports forum you can read through as well:

With strength comes size. Also, it is designed to give you slow steady increases, which might aggravate your injuries less.

old lardass

Welcome Canada! Keep an eye out for Old Navy, he’s a bodybuilder.

Apply common sense and listen to your body. Train around your injuries and just keep a going.

Canada K
welcome to the old fart corner- eh!

Lots of the people hear are working around injuries, taxing jobs and family life- and making good progress
you will see a good sold group of people with some serious dedication-

Lots of people are training in a powerlifting fashion- there are several people who compete in powerlifting
other athletics and several others who are reaping the benifits of training hard and some E-support.

If you sniff around and read up on some peoples logs- youll see some really clever uses of
periodization- exercise rotataion- and recovery.

there is a stickky at the top- about mobility and dynamic stretching- and some other junk I only push it
cause I have to do alllot more active recovery and mobility work to stay in the game.