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Old Mike Mentzer Video

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The part I find most interesting is the slight pause at the end of each rep, especially when Ray is working.

Chris collucci
Wondering why this post keeps getting sent to this forum from the Ellington Darden one

Threads are moved by Mods/Admins to forums where they are most appropriate in order to keep conversations flowing smoothly and productively, and to minimize confusion.

It’s not uncommon, for example, for people to try posting general training threads in the Bodybuilding forum (where they don’t belong) or to try posting fat loss diet threads in Bigger, Stronger, Leaner (where they don’t belong).

A thread with a random video of the Mentzers training is most appropriate in the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner forum. Just like your thread about the “negative-only chest press machine” was also moved here, not in Dr. Darden’s Coaching Forum.

I just said this in another recent thread where a similar issue popped up, but I think some guys need to wrap their heads around the way the forum works. I do understand that the old forum was a certain way with a certain vibe and a certain focus.

Things are different now, but it’s pretty easy to adapt to the change if you’re the tiniest bit open-minded. You can still have the exact same conversations as before. You’re literally the only ones stopping that.

Do you have any thoughts on the pauses that Scott brought up?

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I hear you. Just thought the each category was its own entity more or less. Thank you for the explanation

I thought the pauses were a little bit strange as it takes tension off the working muscle. My thought would be that with mentzer increasing the resistance was a prime factor and the pause would probably allow more weight to be used.

More like rooms of a house. Sometimes it’s okay to have dinner in the den in front of the tv, but most meals are in the dining room. And usually you’ll hear something interesting happening downstairs and go check it out. We just don’t want any mopey teens sitting up in their room.

Also likely allowed more effort-per-rep, almost treating a set as a series of singles instead of banging out 10-12 in a row. For sure it’s a trade-off in constant tension though. But yeah, it was surprising to see and I half-wondered if it was more for the video demo itself and not a more accurate snapshot of a live session.

Was also surprised at the relatively quick rep speed. At odds with his later recommendations. Even quick by Arthur Jones standard

I didn’t see a single exercise or recommendation in that vid that wasn’t textbook.

So what’s the big deal?

Like, I’m pretty sure we watched that video in 7th grade gym class.

The video is more of a precursor to Mike’s heavy duty system.

I was curious about when it was made, because it seems like pretty standard barbell stuff, not the super low volume routines that Mentzer became known for.

I personally feel his later stuff that he was selling as a system was more theoretical. I think this video is closer to how he actually trained himself.

Look up compensatory acceleration training. As Yates used to refer to “explosive” concentric contractions, whereby the perceived stress is actually more in terms of calling fibers more prone to growth into play.


Ive read that. Just making the point that mike advocated a 4sec up/ 4sec down protocol. This obviously wasn’t that.

Nope. Plenty of different approaches, and any fan of the sport knows that mike built the majority of his physique doing traditional training, which is pretty far from 4 secs up, 4 secs down :slightly_smiling_face:


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When I first saw this post, I misread it, and thought you said Theatrical. Got a nice chuckle out of that, before realizing I misread the last word. This is probably what would be called a Freudian substitution…