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Old Methoxy

I’ve got a couple of bottles of the old methoxy (got them cheap, old stock) and was wondering what the best dosing was for this product.

I seem to remember that this only has an active life in the body of about 3hrs (unlike the new stuff which i believe is closer to 12hrs). So assuming that i want to get 12 days use out of the bottle still taking the recommended amount (20ml per day) would i be better off splitting this into 4 5ml doses 3-4 hours apart instead of the recommended 2 10ml doses?

Yes, i have used the search engine but it seems that no one has asked this before.


No one has an opinion on this then? Surely some of you Methoxy veterans must have some experience with different dosing protocols.

Marv, I just don’t know. I never used the old Methoxy. Why don’t you give Biotest Customer Service a call? I’m sure they’d be able to help you.