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Old Meathead Race to Pull 500


Ok everyone keeps yapping about this

first all you big bastards are out

Meat, PeteS, Eco, I think Charming Albino pulled 500 already.

MattyXL might be out too- he said he would pull 600 at the end of his log
but he gets like a million hits a day

FarmerBrett will probably get it first-
he pulled 490 a few weeks ago but then squat 308 for 20 so he must have been sandbagging

Any rules?

JoeGood said drinking whole Milk and creatine are both cheating.

So after that I would say - no straps no gear whoring

and must haz video.


Im in haha OKAY ...well I cant compete but I can probably handle your awesome feet stomping ritual.

Good luck!!



Sounds like it's ON!


Good luck everyone! I hope that everyone who is in this challenge hits it.

<------that's over 500.



war foot stomps..upscale

Ddot I want to say no bands either-
but I know you cannucks are all band crazy.


I will be participating!


no straps
no suit
no ramping
no hitching
full lock out
don't drop the bar

belt and chalk ok

those would be the rules off the top of my head


Ok I think Pete should be judge and jury of the vids.


James - good work.

Hel320 pulled 525 after a huge flood and tornado too
sorry I forgot him I am sure there are many many more

PeteS good rules I like those.


You better not win tonight!!


Oh hell no, Im a shitty Puller, Im gonna try my best to win, but man I cant say Im confident.


I will whore it up with this

455 last single did 4x1 on 5.27


Could you be more specific, please?


Null's already done it and Germanone stiff legs it for 5 off a bumper plate as a warm up, so they're out too.

I'm in.

Good luck everyone and no back injuries trying to get it people!


Thanks for the update Farmer I'm sure i forgot plenty of people

Bulldog no offense please.
I refer to big or small bastards who have already pulled 500


I feel so discriminated ....(SOB) :slight_smile:


Don't expect any sympathy from us weaklings. Go and cry into your 500 lb plus deadlift.

Poor you!


hmmm, 2 whites maybe, lock out should be held a little longer and there might have been a little bit of hitching.

advice, try 'chin up' when you commence your pull.


DAMN IT!!! Now Farmer those are hurtful words. Im a very sensitive guy.


Thank you- there could indeed be some hitching - I was feeble.
and holding on longer.
both good to know and work on.