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Old Meathead Challenge Thread


Over in GAL some guys came up with the idea of having regular challenges for board members to compete against each other. Which was a great idea except half the members of the board are butt grinding A-holes.

So the solution seems clear; a challenge for the 35+ folks. I'd be okay with letting the Powerful Women in as well since they also seem to have their heads and asses wired together.

So who's up for some challenges?

Maybe body weight deadlifts for reps?


Do we have to vid them or are we on the honor system? BW deads sound good for starters.


Cav- I would say video is a must. Not that any of us would lie but it would be fun to see it, if just for the lolz.
Deads would be a good starter. Kinda has to be something everyone has access to, like BB lifts etc no power pushing or tire flipping. Maybe a sub category for that stuff?


I love this man.


Awe come on. The ladies will never give away their BW.
I weigh 135 BTW.


Why do these challenges have to be "for reps"...geez....you would think that those of us over 35 would be smarter than that....

We could do bodyweight deads for the number of years we've been on the earth.



Hells teeth !!

A body weight deadlift for 53 reps...are we talking straight through....?

I might just be daft enough to give that a bash.


Glad to see a little interest.

So Oct. Challenge is bodyeight DL for max reps. You can catch your breath but no more than say a three count before starting again.

Video if you can, or just post about it if you can't.

I'll be thinking of November's challenge.


hmm BW deadlift.

can we use straps?


Yes but I'll mock those that do.


This could work out well for me.


That sounds like fun. To Oldman, many of the ladies compete so both our age and body weight are public record. We're not super shy about it.


Ok i'm in.

Practice next week and go for it week after !!


What is the deadline to submit? Next week is a deload for me so a 230lb deadlift is about right, goal is 20 reps +.


Deadline is end of Oct.

I figure one every four weeks will let everyone who wants to play be able to fit it into their training routine.


Sweet. 170 should feel pretty light. :slight_smile:


can i use someone elses bodyweight?


I'll use Snap's BW!!!!


Challenge? Valeria is close to my heart: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/test_your_metal_introducing_valeria


Hmmm . . . I think we should also vid the weigh-in.

Do we get a handicap for BF level?