Old MD6 plus new MD6?

I’ve got two bottles of the old MD6 formula left over. I was considering trying the new formula. Would it be effective at all to take one old MD6 plus one new MD6, as opposed to two of either one? I figured the two would work well together.

Bump. Any ideas?

Spanky, last month while doing MD6 and T2 each day, I found a bottle of the old MD6 formulation I didn’t know I had, and brought it to the office, so I ended up using some capsules of each every day, and frankly felt no different effects than when I’ve used the old or new formulas alone. Hope this helps reassure you there shouldn’t be any problems using them together.

Thanks John. I’ll give it a try.

Is there a ballpark figure on how much more fat per week might be lost by combining ephedrine/norephedrine? And I hate to be one of those people, but could someone refresh me on what specific dosages of both are recommended?