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Old Man Strengf

Hey to all the well-seasoned lifters!

I’m about to turn 49 and have been lifting for 3.5 years, after many years of a pretty sedentary lifestyle, career, marriage, kids all that shit got in the way of fitness. I’ve been hitting some milestones lately that I’m proud of and thought to share one of them. Last week in the gym, I smoked a 475 squat with light reverse bands (deload 30 lbs out of the hole). Next meet I’m hoping to hit 475+.

I’m 5’9" have been competing at 198 but I’m a fluffy 215 right now.

Cheers all!


Welcome. That was a solid lift.


Looked like a 75% warm-up rep the way it flew up. You’ll smoke 475 at the comp.

^Agreed. Looking forward to your posts.

Thanks all!

Figuring out my openers for the meet.

Here’s yesterday at 485

Worked up to 485 for doubles Friday on deadlift. Not a PR day, just getting heavy work sets in prior to my upcoming meet.

Volume bench today.

Actually programming called for low volume, moderate weight. Doubles at 225, then singles with commands at 240 (including pause).

Testing my opener on squat tomorrow.

Testing done today. Was hung over a bit and didn’t use my cpap machine so I was ‘off’ today. But still managed good bar speed (cross post from PL forum). Thought it would nice share here as well.



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Good strong work here.

Thanks Biker

Meet day, beat my last meet PR on squat by 17 lbs

Then tried to go on and beat it by 45 lbs with a 485 lb squat. I thought I had it, but got called for depth. Oh well, another one in the books and learned to better listen to my coach.

Gonna continue the grind and kill it come december!

looking good in here- im jealous of your training environment

Good work

Thanks bro. Great group of folks; I consider myself fortunate.