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Old Man Researching First Test E Cycle


ok first off I will start by saying I'm 39, been lifting off and on for 20 years, seriously again for 4. Never done anything other than sups to this point, but decided I'm going to try 1 cycle and see how my body reacts and how it fares after water weight loss. I got my workouts and diet on lock. I am planning on doing a 10 week cycle in spring.

weeks 1-10 test e 250MG monday and 250MG thursday
weeks 12.5-15.5 Clomid 50MG per day
weeks 12.5&13.5 Nolvadex 40MG per day
weeks 14.5&15.5 Nolvadex 20MG per day

Now my question is anastrozole do i need to take it during the cycle and if so how much, if not should I be taking one of the PCT during the cycle and if so how much. Im kinda worried about gyno more than any of the other concerns with running a cycle and its been nagging at me.

again answer might be searchable but i was not able to find it and ive been looking for a few weeks on several sites. figure you guys are my best bet for an honest answer. i will be getting a test baseline before and after btw too.


You want to take your AI during cycle to combat elevated estrogen. Start at .5mg EOD or .25mg ED and adjust it from there. If your joints feel stiff then your estrogen is too low, if you are holding alot of water then your estrogen is too high. You don't want it too high or too low. Taper off during the 2 weeks before pct and do not take arimidex during pct.

Keep some extra nolva handy and take some during cycle if gyno symptoms come up, about 25mg per day until they subside should do the trick, the AI serves as a preventative measure for gyno (among other more important things) and the SERM will help combat it.

Other than that it looks good, look up and consider the use of HCG on cycle 250-500iu 2-3x per week, cessation 4-5 days before pct. It makes recover much more smooth, is fairly inexpensive, and keeps the jewels in good shape.


Thanks so much for the info, wasn't aware I could do eod I thought it had to be ed. since they are 1mg tabs eod would make more sense just half em. I will also look into the HCG, didnt think i would need it for a single 10 week cycle. for some reason I thought that was more for stacking long cycles.


Hey Mario: Why not First thing's first? Go a get your necessary hormone level's measured.
Those include your Total testosterone and more importantly your Bio-available test,also the estrogen,thyroid. that is a good base line.There are other's but let's keep it simple. You may require trt/hrt,or your testosterone may be Hi-Normal. Mario the problem with adding to Hi Normal is that the synthetic test will eventually in a few week's your testis will no longer product any endogenious testosterone.
All will be fine,but after you stop in 8,or 12 week's,guess what? you lose all the water weight and the bloat that comes from steroid gain's,plus your body has no natural test. WHAT FUN!!!!!AS for the Magical PCT protocol.Give it a try??.
Mario I use to compete at a high jr level in the 1978-83.Most competitive bodybuilder's never went totally off.We bridged with lower level's.Mario the thing about Drug's/steroids is that they do work,but when you stop you don't feel like training,also you get depressed,as these artificial substances will rule your life.One more thing,this I will only due (ONE CYCLE) total nonsense.all the best john


to johnny: since every post you like to tell people you used to compete, can we see some pics?


Yes by all means. I have on from The Mr.Canada competition in 1978,also checkout the 1978 Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship Result-CBBF Men's Juniopr Heavyweight !st place John Cardillo 2nd Carl Hutchins and 3rd John Kelly your truly. As for the pictures I have to get a friend that can upload,as I am not computer savy. By the way since you sounded a little snarky:Please advise,or provide evidence of your achevement's.Picture's contest's Mr.America titles etc. see ya johnny


well i know my thyroid levels are in the norm I get them checked every 3 months along with a CBC for blood counts, and liver function since i take danazol daily, I'm not sure how to get the doctor to test for bio-available test. the test and estrogen I was gonna ask for just saying "since im older that i want to know where i stand cause i dont feel like i did in my 20s" :wink: not sure how to ask for the other without saying what i was planning on doing. unfortunately i dont have a doctor that I really feel like i can bring this to.


Mario:Nowaday's men getting their testosterone checked is routine/normal.There are special anti-ageing dr's that are specialists in men's health and hormone replacement therapy.These dr's may not be covered by conventional insurance,but no one said this was a inexpensive hobby,or health regime.

Also your primary dr. wont,or shouldn't have any issue with establishing you hormone level's.Also if Low providing you with the testosterone/medications. My friend nothing ventured nothing gained.Go get yourself checked out all the best john


I havent made any claims about myself like you have, so what do I nees to prove to you? Im just calling you out on your claims, not saying your
Lying but I haven't found one picture online and even if I did who's to say its really you. So post some pics and prove me wrong please


Bro;Im Sorry if I insulted you.i am an older guy who trained a competed from 17yrès to about 23yrès approximately 6-yrès serious.I have a few pictures as they are 3oty yrès old.I am on this forum not to FIGHT,but add to the health of younger and older men and woman. My friend sometimes I will say less steroids are more effective.i am not trying to dissuade you,but just trying to say that growth takes time and like all drugs a tolerance will develop and by adding higher dosages that is where the Liver function is compromised,and that is where all those exaggerated estrogen claims come from.I knew you wont believe this,but I took at the most 1000mgs 1gram and at that time in 1977 there was no aromatase inhibitors and I nor a dozen other men got a hint of gyno,also Arnold Lou tom Platz.i have never heard any old school lifter complain about gyno,or any prolactin issue.Maybe our steroids came from drs and not fr4om some guys kitchen. all the best john


lol what does that have to do with anything, I just want to see some pics of johnny in his prime that's all