Old Man Oral Follow-up

I am reporting back to Gear Tripper and Stone Cold 54 who were helpful in discussing my initial foray into the dark side. As you remember I?m 46 yrs, 6?6?, 255 lbs, 17%bf+/, training for 4.5-5 years, and a weakling. My goals were to gain some strength not weight. I had 30-10mg tabs of Anavar and 60-40mg tabs of Andriol. You both recommended 280 mg/day Andriol and 25 mg/day of Anavar for 8 days. I took 160-200 mg/day Andriol and 20 mg/day of Anavar for 15 days. If my father were still here he would agree with you that I have trouble listening. Anyway, you were correct in all your conclusions: 1) I felt no pump 2) I made no gains 3) It was expensive 4) The cycle was good in that there is no concern about keeping the gains 5) Incredibly I think I have effected my prostrate. So anyway, next time I?ll listen more closely and follow your advice to the letter. My next experiment involves taking small handfuls of Dianabol twice daily. Thanks again and best wishes.

Did I read that right? The total cycle length was 2 weeks?

You did.

i think you may have the wrong board bro. i dont recall seeing anyone by those names around. secondly, dont ever listen to those dumbfucks again. that is horrible advice they gave you. you wouldnt have made any gains or kept any gains with what they suggested either. you never should have touched a steroid. clearly you are not ready at this time. that would have been, and is my advice to you. hang around the board, read the FAQ’s, and learn the game for a while

what drago said

I wouldn’t experiment if I were you. The regulars on here will have much better advice than I could ever dream of offering on the subject.

With that said, have you considered boosting your own testosterone production? I’ve been using Tribex for some time now, and made one of the FEW supplements I use on a regular basis. I actually beleve so much in the product, I gave a bottle to my 67 year old father and he loves it too. Granted, he doesn’t work out, but his mood and yang have elevated. Others have reported good results taking Tribex and RedKat together.

With that said, continue to read and learn. In the mean time, see if you can get your own boys to pull their weight.

You’re right this is the wrong board. Sorry about that!


Sorry to hear you messed up your prostrate. I wouldn’t take that lying down.

actually this is kind of cool. im quite interested in the “small handfuls of Dianabol twice daily” protocol.

please let us know how that goes.

“Old Man Oral”. Hmm, didn’t I see that on a porn site?

damn, musclehead beat me to it!!!

Those names do not ring a bell and I’ve been here for a few good years. Anyways, now that you probably realize that you’re in the wrong place let me welcome you to the best forum. Here you’ll get honest answers with alot of humor attached. By the way, if you would have asked our opinions before you did that nonsesnse cycle we would have recommeded something else. I believe that at a certain point in our lives orals don’t make sense anymore, specially if you’re older. I too am getting up there in age and recently have questioned the intake of orals. Stick with what works like testosterone and equipoise(the majority of us hate Deca), trenbolone, etc. By the way, you’re not alone when it comes to taking the wrong stuff, expecting to get great results. Let us know your goals and we’ll be able to help you achieve it. Again, steroids will help you only if your diet, training and rest is in order. Best of luck in the future.

If you click on his name and go to his post history, you’ll see a thread from last year asking about the oral cycle. Looks like he received similar advice last time around.

brent is right. i looked up our old thread on it. we gave very consistent advice. this guy just flat out wanted someone to tell him what he wanted to hear. and for it, he ended up with a rediculous looking cycle that has fucked him up.

i think when im this guys age im going to call myself “old man oral” as well.

that name has a real nice ring to it.

Do you have any specific criticisms Drago1? Length of cycle? Daily intake? Other preferable combinations? Or are you just going to continue to be blindly disrespectful?

pdog… lmao, you nut.
old man oral… blindly disrespectful? wtf? look at your old post. i, as well as others, were more than curtious to you. that is what pisses me off. we gave you solid advice that would have kept you out of this trouble. you chose to ignore our wisdom and let some boneheads hook your ass up with piss poor advice. i could help you, but dont feel that you have earned it. the only thing i will tell you is that there is no upside to your “cycle” it sucks from beginning to end. horrible dosages, for a rediculously short period of time, with a bad combination of drugs. dont ever do an all oral cycle again. and use drugs with a more synergistic effect next time. we dont just help guys for the fun of it. we are trying to keep you from making headlines on the local news. this is exactly why steroids gets a bad rap. all the more reason to legalize them!

wouldnt that be a trip if we are all still hanging out here discussing cycles like 30 years from now?