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Old Man Jones vs Lebedev


Is this happening right now? I didn't even know this match up existed until today.


Unabashed Jones nuthugger that I am, I think he can still compete for sure, but he really needs to change his style, if his ego will let him.

By that same token, Jones is fat (sort of), and Lebedev, I've never heard of (but like, who the fuck even watches Crusierweights really), but is trained by Kosta Tzyu and apparently very good, so probably a bad decision for Jones, who really should've had some tune up matches IMO.


I agree. Roy should at least put his left hand up to guard his chin, and start using the jab more instead of that "explosive" left hook because he obviously doesn't have the explosiveness he used to. As a RJJ Fan (I consider him my favourite boxer of all time), I just want to see him NOT get hurt in this fight.


Aussie, Roy can't compete anymore. With anyone. He got knocked out by Danny Green- a nobody. His career should have ended before that, but that was truly the final bell toll, getting Ko'd in the first round by a club fighter.

He's far too old to change his style, his legs are gone, and he has no power or speed anymore. He's just ensuring that he gets parkinson's at this point.

I will not watch it. He's one of my favorites of all time, but he needs to get out of the sport. This is heartbreakingly pathetic.


Shit, apperantly Lebedev [who I never heard of] knocked Jr out today. It's way past time to hang 'em up Roy. Jones and Tyson are my two favorite fighters of all time, but Jones honestly probably should've called it after the first Tarver fight. Not sure if what he's doing is tarnishing his legacy, but it's definitely breaking the hearts of fight fans across the world. I really hope he realizes it's time to walk away now.


I am hoping Jones gets put away early so he retires. My fear is that he will be competitive, how good his opponent is I have no idea so that may or may not be possible. If he does not get crushed, he may fight again, and for sure there is still money to be made on his name and legacy.

EDIT: Damn time zones. As WhiteFlash pointed out, it happened already.



Video of last round:


^^^ Yeah, saw the vid but didn't want to post it 'cause it's such a bummer. I hope Jones has people that care for him and he trusts that are telling him it's time to move on. That was brutal.


He performed better than I expected but Jones has really been out of it for quite some time now and these defeats are really tarnishing his image. I know that a lot of fighters go past their prime and suffer losses but they hang up the gloves eventually, Jones just wont stop even after being embarrassed.


Oh man, that was not good. He needs to hang it up before you hurts himself.


I don't follow boxing but isn't Jones a multi-millionare champion on several weight classes? is he like Chuck Liddell? washedup and don't want to retire for the love of the sport? sorry for the ignorance.


DAMN! about to tear up.


Cheap shot from Lebedev


So, in light of last night, where does this leave Hopkins/Jones on the list of P4P greats?


Probably the greatest boxer of my generation is making a fool out of himself.

I hope he'll find something in his life besides fighting.


Know you're an MMA guy, so think of how dominant Fedor has been and then multiply it by 600 billion, give or take.


I think so. He took a bad deal financially for the Hopkins fight so I really doubt he's fight for money, there's just always rumors of financial trouble when fighters go beyond their prime. He's always been a very arrogant person and it's very likely he still believes he's the same fighter he once was and the losses are just part of the sport.


for christ sake, look at that speed, that's pure dynamite that left hook and straight right.


It was tough to watch for sure, but the referee didn't really give him much choice. Lebedev motioned that it should be stopped and the referee just stood there.

I hated to see it all the same, but that one's on the ref IMO


Apperantly that ref's notorious for letting the fight go when it's clearly done.

And Kaiser, Jones was no joke. Never got a chance to be at any of his fights but watched at least 20 live when they were on. He was on a completely different level, and as fast as he looks on replay he looked that much faster live. The first fight he lost against Tarver was the first time I legitimately felt bad at the outcome of a fight. It was like I watched someone steal Superman's cape.


I will always say that in his prime, I believe that he could be the finest pound for pound fighter of all time.

Yea, I know, Sugar Ray Robinson... but damn, Roy's a close #2 if he don't win. Dude's so slick.