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Old Man Gains?


As a weak college kid (5' 8" 175), who's seen some celebrities blow up like Dr. Dre and busta rhymes

I was wondering if there's hope for me yet as I grow older.


Nope. You're screwed. Might as well fucking quit.


I'm 44 and I went from 12.5" arms to 16 3/8" arms, gained 50 lbs. in the process.

The limitation on being older though is you can't go crazy when bulking, if you eat a lot of pizza buffets and gain too much fat during a bulk, you can screw with your cholesterol and blood pressure.

I did this and decided to knock some weight off, I lost 37 lbs. this year and look a lot leaner and feel better than when I was at 207 lbs.

I also realized, I'm not trying to be a bodybuilder by a long shot, I'm just trying to build strength and conditioning while maintaining good cardiovascular health.

Since you're younger, your goals will likely be very different.


You're in college and you're wondering if you can be strong?

Don't they have athletes where you go to school?


Dorian Yates didnt start lifting until he was in his 20's I think. He did alright by T-Nation standards, I think.


Dude, presuming you don't have a significant physical handicap, there's no reason for you to even be considering this kind of defeatist mindset.

Go check out the Over-35 Lifter forum and you'll see plenty of guy's making consistent, badass progress while being full-time workers, bosses, husbands, parents, and grandparents.

You want more relatable goals? Find holymacaroni, hungry4more, or Alpha's post history and check their progress. I think they're all out of college and serving in the military while being in genuine beast-mode.

Out of curiosity, what are some of your current best lifts?


Alpha is a freak. That physique is enviable. Makes me sick. :slightly_smiling: