Old Man Flash's log


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow series

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 175x5, 195x5, 215x8, 225x5, 235x3

Multi-grip pullups-5x10 + High DB Incline- 30/50/60/70’sx10, 75’sx8

Band laterals-15 + Tri’s-15 + Curls-15x3 rounds

No conditioning.

Decent session. Took some heavy duty NyQuil last night and have felt off all day. Drank some pre-workout and got to this. Never quite felt like a shook the fog, but still got it in. Wanted to run but just didn’t have time due to work. Legs tomorrow hopefully.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow series

Box jumps- 24"x5, 42"x3x5 (2 min between)

Squats-bwx10, 45x5, 135/165/195/225x5, 255x8

Leg press- 1/2/3/4/5 plates x 10 + HLR-5x20 + Back Extensions- 5x15

10 round bike sprints at level 10 (70-ish rpm for 50 seconds, 135+ for 10. High of 156).

Decent session. Drove basically to the Louisiana border and back today (about 260 miles round trip) and forgot to bring my food so breakfast was Waffle House and lunch was 2 Buc-ee’s sandwiches. Took a brief nap when I got home and hit it. My recent best on squats is 275x10, but my form was pretty shitty. Tonight everything felt pretty solid, so the plan is to prioritize that over straight weight. I’m old now so gotta play it safe. Y’all be good.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow series 3x3 explosive pushups

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/155x5, 175x8, 185x2 (higher incline than last week. Felt a pull in my left elbow on the 185 so called it on the 2nd rep)

Inverted rows- 5x12 + Feet up DB Bench-30/50/70/80x10, 90’sx8

Band laterals-4x12 + Tri- 15/12/10/8 + Hammer curl- 15/12/10/8

1.5 mile run

Decent session. Drove to the Louisiana border for an appointment last night, sat in a house for 4 hours, slept in a hotel and had to drive back this morning on about 5 hours of sleep. Was dog tired but got it in. The pull in my elbow started on 155, stretched a bunch and got the 175 pretty clean but the 185 felt like ass so shut it down. The incline was probably an inch or two more steep so that might’ve had something to do with it.

Man, whatever I did to my elbow is no good. There’s pain and inflammation on the sides and crook, and my range of motion is slightly limited. No discoloration though, and it feels a bit better than it did last night. Was gonna hit TBD today but even hanging from a chinup bar was painful so probably gonna chill.


5 minutes bike on level 5

TBD- 140/190/230/280/320x5, 350x6 + 200 reps jump rope between sets

Abs + band pull aparts + curls- 5x10

Elbow still felt off but better. Was twinging a bit on each set but nothing terrible so decided to try it. Had more than 6 at 350 but didn’t want to get too ahead of my skis so called it. Only had 30 minutes to get this in so really pushed the pace and was sweating like a hoe in church on this. Decent session. Elbow feels better today, just a minor twinge now.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 165/185/205x5, 225x6, 235x4

Multi grip chin (over, under, neutral)- 6x10 + High Incline DB- 30/50/60/70’sx10, 75’sx8

Band lateral- 10 + Rolling tri- 15/12/10 + Machine curls- 15/12/10

1 mile run in about 7:20

Pretty good session. Elbow is still a little janky, got about 4 hours of sleep last night and had Zoom meetings all morning, but took some pre-workout and got to it. Had another rep at both 225 and 235 but didn’t want to stress the elbow. Form felt better on everything, probably due to babying the injury. Mile run felt pretty good considering I haven’t done it in awhile. Did the first half at an 8 minute pace then kicked it up till the last tenth where I was at a sub 6. About to grub then go to an appointment. Y’all be good.


1 mile stationary bike, yoga flow, 24" box jumpx5, 42"x3x5

Squats- bwx10, 135/165/205/235x5, 265x8

LP-1/2/3/4/5 + Ab Wheel + Back Extensions- 5x10

10 round bike sprints- 50 seconds cruise/ 10 seconds blast

Started some antibiotics today that are kicking my ass. Took two naps then some pre-workout and got to it. Had zero motivation going in but was actually a decent session. My elbow felt like shit during the squats, but it is what it is. Maybe a jog or something tomorrow. Y’all be good.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 145/165x5, 185x6

TRX Rows- 6x12 + Feet Up DB Bench- 30/50/70/80’sx10, 90’sx8

Band laterals- 4x10 + Machine Dip- 15/15/15/10 + Curls- 4x10

No conditioning

Decent session. The antibiotics are working 'cause I’ve been dragging ass. Was tired and unmotivated for this entire session but got it in. Had a hard time getting a good breath the whole session, which is obviously abnormal, so got my lift and skipped conditioning. Elbow’s getting better but still janky. TBD tomorrow. Happy Holidays.


1 mile bike, yoga flow

TBD- 140/190/230/280/320/370x5 + 200 reps jump rope between each set

Bike sprints, 50 seconds cruise, 10 seconds blast

Felt like absolute shit going into this. Have 4 more days of the antibiotics but think I’m gonna call it 'cause this is brutal. Tweaked something in my left hammy somewhere during the warmups but kept pushing. Was gonna do some SSB squats then run hills but one rep with the naked bar aggravated it so decided chill. Was sweating like no other during the bike sprints. Gonna grub and nap the rest of the day and see how I feel tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good holiday.

Welp, pretty sure I have Covid again. My coworker and his girl (who are both vaccinated) tested positive. He and I were in the car together for close to 500 miles last week. I haven’t gotten tested, but I have almost all of the symptoms. It’s honestly not that bad, just super tired and have a persistent headache. Feels like a mild flu. Obviously skipped the gym today, gonna chill till I feel normal.

I now have a kidney infection. Taking the whole week off to rest and let these antibiotics work their magic and hopefully get back to it on Sunday. Happy Holidays.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 155/175x5, 195x10, 205x5, 215x4

Multi-grip chins- 5x10 + DB Inc- 30/50/60x10, 70’sx8

Band laterals-3x10 + Rolling DB-15/12/10 + DB Hammer- 15/12/10

No conditioning.

First time working out in 10 days. Have also been on various antibiotics the whole time. Don’t feel sick anymore, but feel like absolute shit due to the meds. Have 1.5 days left am seriously considering just calling it as I feel terrible. Basically didn’t sleep last night either, so dropped back a couple of cycles. As bad as I feel this was actually an ok session. Strength is definitely still there for 225x5 but my endurance was shot. Also down about 5lbs, I’m sure mostly just fluid. Unfortunately I can’t take anymore days off, so about to run an appointment. Hopefully come home and take a nap. Legs tomorrow if I can stay awake. Happy New Year.

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2 mile stationary bike in 9:30 at level 5

Squats- bwx10, 45/95/135/165/185/205x5, 235x10

Lep press- 3x15 + Abs- 3x15

Today is the first day I haven’t felt like complete shit in almost two weeks. To be clear I still don’t feel great, but there’s finally light at the end of this stupid tunnel. One of my best bud’s is a nurse and he recommended I finish out my antibiotics so tonight is my last dose. Hopefully this clears up the kidney infection 'cause I will NEVER take this antibiotic again. This shit is fuck brutal, and apparently has a history of leaving people with permanent nerve damage, brain damage, ruptured tendons, all kinds of shit. Didn’t get any of that, have just felt like ass. Anyway, pretty good session all things considered. Think I’m just gonna use this week to see where I’m at and ease back into it and jump in full bore next week if I can.


5 minutes jump rope (1,022 reps), yoga flow

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/155x5, 165x8, 175x5

TRX Rows- 5x12 + Feet Up DB Bench- 30/50/70/80’sx10, 90’sx5

Laterals/ tri/bi-3x15

1.3 mile run

Everyday’s a little better, but still feel tired and weak. Just gotta accept that it’s gonna take a couple of weeks or so to get back where I was. No biggie. TBD tomorrow.


5 minutes jump rope, yoga flow

Bench- 45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x8, 215x5, 225x3

Fat Gripz Pullups (various grips)- 5x10 + High DB Inc- 30/50/60/70x10, 75’sx6


No conditioning

Pretty good session. Today’s the first day I’ve felt somewhat normal in what feels like ages. Didn’t sleep well last night, and something in my left knee is bugging, but got it in. I’ll be back to where I was in a couple of weeks, tops.


Stationary bike: 2 miles on level 5 in 9:30, yoga flow

24" box jumpx5, 42"x3x5

Squat- bwx10, 135/165/195/225x5, 255x8

Machine Hack Squat- 1/2/2.5/3 plates x 10 + calves

10 minute bike sprints

Decent session. Did some hang cleans before squats but my right elbow just can’t handle 'em so might have to remove 'em from the bag. Once upon a time I had a decent hang clean, but those days are long gone. My knee was janky but the jumps and squats felt ok. Have to be on the road by 7am tomorrow but if I get home in time I’ll go for a jog or something. Y’all be good.


5 minutes jump rope, yoga flow

High Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/155x5, 165x8

TRX Rows- 5x12 + Feet up DB Bench- 30/50/70/80’sx10, 90’sx6

laterals/tri/curl- stuff

No conditioning

Been in a car for over 600 miles the last three days and my body’s feeling it. For some reason my right shoulder felt awful, maybe from the cleans on Tuesday. Might ditch this angle and find something more favorable. May or may not do TBD tomorrow. Just trying to get back in the groove. Y’all be good.


2 miles stationary bike in 9:30 on level 5

TBD- 140/190/230/288x5, 320x10 + 200 reps jump rope + abs between each set

Low foot narrow stance Leg press- 1/2/3/4 plates x 10 + LP calves- 4x10 + Leg curls- 4x10

10 minute bike sprints

Pretty good session. Did all the warmup sets with the high handles but it just felt weird so switched back to the low handles for the top set and it immediately felt normal, so low handles it is. Been hanging with a girl who was an IFBB Bikini pro, which is… interesting. Gonna go grab sushi with her right meow. Got two appointments in the morning/afternoon, but gonna go for a run or hit the bag or something after. Y’all be good.


5 minutes jump rope, yoga flow

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x8, 215x5, 225x3

Pullups- 5x10 + High DB Inc- 30/50/60/70’sx10, 75’sx6

Laterals/tri’s/curls- 5x10 going up evry set

1.5 mile run in under 12 minutes

Decent session. This is the first time I’ve lifted without chalk in forever. Must’ve left it at the gym Friday and didn’t notice till today. My allergies were going crazy last night so took some meds that got me wired and slept like shit. All in all, could’ve been worse. It’s crazy how getting sick can sap your strength and endurance in such a short amount of time, and how long it takes to get back. Oh well, it what it is.


2 miles stationary bike on level 5 in 8 minutes, youga flow

Box jumps-24"x5, 42"x3x5

Squats- bw/barx10, 135/165/195/225x5, 255x9

Narrow stance, low foot LP-4x10 + Abs- 4x15 + Back extensions- 4x15

10 minute bike sprints.

Decent session. Been dragging all day, but feel like I’m completely over all the shit I had other than strength and endurance loss.