Old Man Flash's log

Where you at @WhiteFlash mate?

'Sup bud. Still here super sporadically. Hope all is well.

Life’s been a motherfucker, but still getting it in. Still running 5/3/1, here are my recent PR’s-

Bench- 235x5

High bar squat- 315x5

Incline- 205x5

Low handle trap bar- 405x 3 (had more, grip slipped)

Bodyweight hit a high of 182-ish, but caught a couple of bugs back to back and am now back at 176-ish. Strength is still going up even with the weight drop, so I’ll take it. Hope everyone is well.

6/28- 1,000 reps jump rope alternating between double leg, boxer skip and leg kicks, then 5 minute “yoga circuit” to get loose

Bench- barx2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x9, 215x5 (paused first and last rep), 225x5
Lat pulldown- 2 warm-ups, 5x10 + DB Incline- 30/50x10, 70’sx3x10 (rpe 8-9)
Face-pull/tri/bi- 2 w/u, 3x10 35 straight hand release pushups (had a few left)
1.62 mile run in just under 12 minutes

Good session. Got a tattoo that covers most of my right upper back area and took a week off to let it heal, so decided to drop back a cycle. Had 10 at 205 but it would’ve been grindy so didn’t push. Paused the first and last rep at 215. Debated on going for a 3rd joker at 235 but decided to chill. Strained my right trap/neck somehow towards the end of the session. Still feels janky but I’ll figure it out. The run felt good. Didn’t map it out out beforehand so had no idea how far I’d gone. If I’d have known I was that close to 2 I would’ve stretched it. Oh well, next time. Bodyweight was right at 176 going into this. Legs today.

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6/29- 10 minutes level 5 recumbent bike (2 miles), yoga flow

Squat- bw/45x10, 95/135/165/185/205/235x5, 265x9

One arm db rfess- 25/45/55/65/75x10 + KB Swings- 40/50/60/70/80x15

Ab circuit, 10 minutes jump rope

Decent session. Been dragging all day and couldn’t ever get going, but got it in. Legs were slightly sore from the jog yesterday. Recent squat PR is 275x10, but think my form was better here. Had 10 but didn’t want to grind. Was gonna finish with bike sprints but got to the gym later than usual and it was packed. Might go for a jog or something tomorrow, or maybe just rest this trap strain. Y’all be good.

7/1- 1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow

Incline- 45x2x10,95x10,115x8, 135/155x5, 175x10, 185/195x5

Cable Row- 2 warm-ups, 5x10 + DB bench- 40/60x10, 90’sx10,9,8

BPA- 20/ Tri-1-/ Bi-10x 5 rounds 1.5 mile run

Pretty good session. The trap pain moved to the front of my trap and into my neck and shoulder, and was bothering the shit outta me during the jumping rope and running but didn’t really feel it while lifting? The top set at 175 was surprisingly easy. Felt like I had at least 12 there but capped it at 10. Paused the first and last rep at 185. Legs today.

7/2- 10 minute bike, stretch

TBD- 140/190/230/280x5, 320x10

Walking lunges- 5x8 + Leg curls- 5x10

Ab circuit, 10 rounds bike sprints

Decent session. Trap is still bugging and felt janky during the TBD warmups but eventually settled in. Honestly felt like a could’ve done 20 at the top set, but called it at 10. All rep are low handle and dead stop. Might swap out the lunge as they kind of bugged my knees. Y’all be good.

7/12- 5 minutes skipping rope, yoga flow, 3x3 explosive pushups

Bench- 45x2/95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x9, 215/225x5 (215 paused)
Lat pulls- 2 warm-ups, 120-150x5x10 + DB Incline- 2 warm-ups, 70’sx3x10
Face pull/ tri/ bi- 3x10 max set of pushups
1 mile run in 7:20 something

Pretty good session. Got a job offer in solar sales so took some time off to study. My trap/shoulder is still janky so dropped back a cycle. Everything felt pretty good. Should’ve kept going after the mile, felt like I could’ve gone all day.

7/13- 2 mile bike level 5, yoga flow, 3x5 40" box jumps

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/165/185/205/245x5, 275x9
Leg press-1/2/3/4/5x10 + HLR-5x15 + KB Swing- 40/50/60/70/80x20
10 rounds airdyne sprints

My trap/shoulder is pissing me off, and for some reason squats bother it the most. Still, decent session. Planned on running after so was wearing my running shoes but squatting felt like shit in 'em so went barefoot. Actually felt pretty good. Might do some yoga later. Y’all be good.

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7/15 5 min airdyne, yoga flow, 3x5 one hand med ball throws into wall

Incline- 45x2/95x10, 115x8, 135/155x5, 175x10, 185/195x5

Cable row- 2 w/u, 5x12 + DB Bench- 40/60’sx10, 90’sx10, 9, 8

BPA/Tri/Bi- 20/10/8x 5 rounds. 35 close grip pushups

1 mile run

Today was weird. My trap and shoulder are still janky but getting better, but my lower back is completely fried, probably from the high rep KB swings. The incline was alright, but the bench I used for DB’s was slick and I was sliding to the point that my whole head and neck were off the bench. Obviously made pressing way harder than it should’ve. Definitely not using that bench again. Wanted to run 2 miles but my back felt like chewing gum so called it at 1. Might swap out the high rep KB swings if this is what they do. Supposed to do legs tomorrow but we’ll see how this back feels. Later.

Took Friday off to drink a million beers and only had about 30 minutes to get in today, so worked up to 325 for 10 on the trap bar with 100 reps of jump rope between each set, then 5 rounds of about wheel, band pushdowns and band curls for 20 each.

Heading out of town for work today. I’ll be gone for a week, but the gym chain I belong to has a location 10 minutes from my hotel. Should be able to still get it in. Gonna stop by after I settle in tonight to check it out. Yall be good.

There’s an LA Fitness literally sharing the parking lot of my hotel, so lifted there after training for my new gig. Didn’t sleep well last night, was a little stiff from being in the car for 6 hours yesterday, didn’t have any pre-workout and the benches were so low to the ground it felt like a floor press so wasn’t expecting much, but actually had a decent session.

5 minutes jump rope, yoga flow, 3x3 explosive pushups

Bench- 45x2x10/95x10, 135,8, 165/185/205/225x5, 235x3, 255x1

Lat pull- 5x10 + db incline- 35/55x10, 75’sx10,10,9

Face pull/tri/bi -3x10

Max set pushups

No conditioning, had to meet people to help study

All in all a productive day. Gonna sneak in some conditioning after legs tomorrow.

Y’all be good.

Today was less than great, but still got it in. Worked up to 305x3 on the squat, but everything felt stiff and off and just not awesome so did some fluff after and called it. But, that I’m able to even get something in while on the road is pretty cool, so there’s that. The gym has heavy bags hanging and I keep a pair of wraps and gloves in the truck 'cause I’m a weirdo, so likely gonna hit the bag for a bit mañana. Y’all be good.

Haven’t lifted in over a week due to the new job, training and travel. Back home but jammed with work and driving all over so gonna wait to get back in till Sunday. The rest is probably good for these old bones, so I’ll view it as a positive.

8/1- 1,000 reps jump rope, stretch, Bench- 45x2x10/95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x9, 215/225x5
Lat pull-5x10+ DB Inc- 30/50x10, 70’sx3x10
Face pull/tri/bi- 5x10 Pushup countdowns- 8-7-6-5-4(died)
1.2 mile run

Today- 5 minutes airdyne, stretch, Squat- bw/45x10, 95/135/165/185/205/235/265x5
LP-5x10 + LC-5x10 + Ab wheel-3x15 + DB Side bend-3x15
Time crunch, no conditioning.

So, I got my new job. The last two weeks weren’t training, they were basically an audition. Only one other person and I made it in. Everyone else got paid for their time and sent packing. I’m fortunate and grateful, but it’s been a lot. I’ve driven over 2,000 miles in that time, and my body’s paying for it. The upper body work wasn’t so bad, just felt a little out of practice, but the squats today were awful; Everything felt stiff, my feet and left shin hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep well last night and had to call an audible and stick with 5’s today 'cause my shin felt like it was gonna explode. Still, got it in. Might stick with 5’s on the lower body for a bit as I acclimate to the driving and to just reduce the overall residual fatigue from constantly hammering the top set. I’ll be 40 in a few months, and as much as I like lifting (and all the shit it brings), this shit is hard on an old fella. My schedule’s gonna be all over the place but the goal is to still get it in 4 days a week. The aim is to always start on Sunday as that’s the one day I know I won’t be working/on the road. Y’all be good.

Been awhile. Love my new job, but I’m in the car for 800+ miles a week and my schedule can be all over the place, so my lifting has been fairly sporadic. Turned 40 on Saturday and am gonna make a point to not fall apart anymore than I already have, while still being strong(ish), athletic and looking/feeling good. Fucked around on my on thing for a little but jumping back to 5/3/1 'cause it’s just so simple. Anyway-

Today- 1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow series (about 12 minutes total) Bench- 45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 165/185x5, 205x9, 225x5, 235x3 (fresh I can get 235 for 5, but was pretty smoked here)

Pullups- 5x10 (various grips, paused both ways) + High DB Incline- 30,50,60,70x10, 75’sx7 (thought I had 10 but just died)

Band laterals/tri pd/cable curl-3x15

1.5 mile jog in about 12 minutes.

Decent session. Been dealing with clients ALL DAY and have an appointment at 6, so needed this. Haven’t done “higher reps” in a bit so got smoked quickly, but it’ll come back. Hope everyone’s doing well. Later.

2 mile bike ride on the stationary at level 5 in 8:20, yoga flow series

24" box jump-5, 42" box jump-3x5 (2 min between sets)

ATG Squat-bwx10, 135/165/185/210x5, 235x10, 255x5 (had 275x5 but my low back was smoked so called it) 3sets of hang cleans at 155

Back extensions- +45x3x10 + Ab wheel-3x10

10 rounds 10 second bike sprints on level 10 (50 seconds above 70rpm, 10 seconds above 125rpm)

Pretty good session. Switched to ATG (no bounce) to regain some flexibility in these old hips, knees, back and ankles. Feels surprisingly good, but obviously way tougher. The quad pump on these was brutal. Was gonna do some single leg stuff but the gym was packed so got in bare assistance and conditioning and called it.


1,000 reps jump rope, yoga flow series, 3x3 explosive pushups (45 seconds rest b/t)

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/155x5, 175x8, 185x5

Horizontal TRX row- 5x12 + Feet up DB Bench- 30’s/50’s/70’s/80’sx10, 90’sx6

Band laterals-10 + tri’s-15/12/10 + curls- 15/12/10

1 mile run

In a rush so had to push the pace here/ Really want to try OHP but even one set with an empty bar pissed my shoulder off. I’m just too beat up to do it, so went back to incline. Can normally hit the 90’s for 8-10 but the fast pace coupled with about 4 hours of sleep last night had me run outta gas. Was gonna do the 1.5 miles but didn’t have the time. Glad I got this in though. Trap bar tomorrow.

Well, what was supposed to be a 4 hour work day yesterday turned into an over 14 hour work day, over 300 miles on the road and sitting for over 10 hours. Got back home around midnight and woke up 6:30 to sneak in deads before another busy day.

5 min bike ride, yoga flow series

TBD(low handles)- 140/190/230/280x5, 330x8 (all dead stp)
All sets supersetted with 200 reps jump rope, 10 reps ab wheel and 10 face pulls/bpa’s.

This was done at 8:30 in the morning and took about half an hour, including the warmup. 330 is something I can generally hit for probably 15+ clean reps, but my hips, knees and back felt like shit from yesterday. That combined with it being so early just wasn’t an ideal setting, so got 8, felt like my form was shit and called it. Y’all be good.

After a night of fajitas and 'ritas I woke up at 177 after my morning constitutional in just a pair of basketball shorts. I like being a little bigger, but seem to feel best (as in strong for me, athletic, good endurance, less stiff, etc…) in this 175-180 range. Starting to come to grips with my own mortality and that I ain’t no spring chicken, so these benefits are worth trading in 10lbs of muscle/scale weight and a few pounds on the bar.