Old Man Flash's log

5 minutes jump rope

Incline- 45x2x10, 95/115/135/145x5, 160x8, 170x5

DB Bench- 40/60’sx10, 80’sx10,10,8 + Cable Row- 5x15

Face pull- 5x15 + Tri -5x15 _ Curls- 5x10

Max set of pushups- 40-something

.82 mile jog. Got basically no sleep and was smoked by the time I ran. Wanted to get something in but didn’t have much in the tank. Finished the .82 in Just over 5 minutes, which doesn’t suck. Legs tomorrow and some form of running after.

Had some craziness at work yesterday so had to push the workout to today.

Rode over

TBD-140/190/230/280/320x5 + 1 minute jump rope + 10 toe to bars between every set

BGSS- 3x10 + KB Swings- 3x10 + cable twists- 3x10

No conditioning, might run later after a nap.

5 minute jump rope-

Bench- 45x2x10, 95/135/150/170/190/210x5, 220x3, 225x3 + 5x10 BPA’s through first 5 sets

DB Inc- 40/50’sx10, 70’sx10,9,8 (meant to use the 30’s on that first warmup but spaced out) +
MGC- 5x12

FP- 5x15 + Tri- 5x15 + curls- 5x15 max set pushups- 43

1 mile jog in just under 7 minutes and 10 seconds

Decent lift. Couldn’t figure out why my back was stiff the whole time then remembered that I did deads on Saturday. Whoops. Had 6 at 210 but didn’t want to grind too bad. Was gonna run 2 miles but my back just didn’t feel awesome, and for some reason I’ve had low grade nausea all day. Whatevski’s, legs tomorrow. Also, the LA fitness opened half of their basketball court so might hit legs there then hoop for a bit after. We’ll see.

Still killing it bro

Yous not locked down over there?

Thanks, bud.

Nah, man; I’m in Texas. We’ve basically been open with light restrictions since May. You have to wear a mask and most places try to enforce some form of social distancing, but otherwise it’s business as usual.

How is it in your neck of the woods?

Shot around for 10-15 minutes

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/175/205/235/265x5 (straight bar, other gym gets too crowded and there’s only two racks)

RDL- 135/185/205/225x10 + toe to bar-4x10

Leg press- 1/2/3/4 Plates x 10

1 mile jog in 7:30

Decent session. The squats felt great. Hadn’t shot a jumper in a LONG time, but had to get a few up. Don’t really know (or really care) what the difference is between RDL’s and SLDL’s, but did one of those. Not sure if I’ll keep 'em as my low back was fried. Maybe that means I need to keep 'em to get that stronger.

Kept creeping back in to the court to shoot around between each movement. Gonna get back to business and stop fucking around, but it was nice to put shots up. Definitely gonna try and play at least once a week 'cause I truly need to play.

The run was tough 'cause my legs and especially low back were fried, but got it in. Rib feels good enough to push but the BJJ gym is closed till Saturday, so I’ll probably go through some jump shot drills tomorrow then get back to getting beat up on Saturday. Y’all be easy.

5 minute jump rope

Incline- 45x2x10, 95/115/135/150/160x5, 170x7

DB Bench- 40/60’sx10, 80’sx10,10,9 + Cable CSR- 5x10

3-Way shoulder-6/6/6 + tri- 15 + curls- 10 x 3 rounds

No conditioning.

Knocked this out early due to the holiday, and for some reason I was unbelievably tired: not like normal tired, I mean sleepy. Immediately went home nd took an hour nap. Anyway, decent session. My hamstrings are still crazy sore, and slightly tweaked something in my left bicep, so debating on what to do tomorrow. Worst case I’ll just get a jog in. Hope everyone’s had a good holiday.

Edit: Oh yeah, the shoulder finisher is something I read in a Ben Bruno article. It’s reverse flyes, external rotations and facepulls all done on a TRX. Felt it in my shoulders and traps like no other. Gonna ditch the BPA’s during the main work.

5 minute jump rope

Squat- bw/45x10, 95/135/175/205/235/265x5

1 mile jog in 7:20

Hamstrings are still outrageously sore, so decided to squat. Got to the leg curl and realized my hamstrings couldn’t handle it, so got a quick run in and called it. Think I’m gonna ditch deads for a bit and squat twice a week, sticking to 5’s. My form today felt even better than Tuesday.

Rib is still a little off, but might try some BJJ in the morning.

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Yesterday- 5 minute jump rope, mobility

Bench-45x2x10, 95/135x10, 145/165x5, 185x10, 195/205x5, 215x3
MGC-3x10 + Inc DB’s-40/50/60x10, 70’sx2x8 + Cable Row-3x10
Tri’s and bi’s-3x10-15
1.2 mile run in 9 minutes

Today- 5 minute jump rope, mobility

40" box jump- 3x5

SSB- 45/95/135/165/185/205x5, 235x8

LC+ LR + LP- 3x15’s

1 mile run in just under 7:30

They thought I caught the 'Rona again but it was just the flu. In any event, I’ve basically been outta the gym for 3 weeks. Dropped back a few cycles to be safe, but didn’t lose too much strength. Also, my joints and shit feel fantastic. Definitely gonna schedule planned breaks going forward. Jiu-Jitsu tomorrow.

Monday- 1,000 reps jump rope

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 155/175x5, 195x7, 205x3 (paused), 215x3

MGC-5x10 + DB Inc-30/50x10, 70’sx10,8 8

FP/Tri/Bi- 5x10

Ran 1.3 miles in 10 minutes. Literally got 2 hours of sleep and worked a nine hour shift before this, so not bad.

Tuesday- Rode bike to gym

Squats- BWx10, 95/135/165/195/225/255x5


10 minute airdyne sprints (50 seconds cruise, 10 seconds blast for 10 straight minutes. Pretty tough)

Jiu-jitsu and light sparring tonight

Where the fuck have you been bro

Life, man. Shit gets in the way. Hope all is well.

1,000 reps jump rope

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/145/155x5, 165x8

Chest supported cable row- 2w/u, 5x10 + DB Bench -40/60’sx10, 80’sx10,9,9

BPA/Tri/Fat Grip HC’s-4x15’s

5 minutes jump rope, 1 mile jog in 7:20 something

Pretty good session. Wussed out on Jiu-Jitsu last night 'cause I still feel slightly rundown, and for some reason my shoulders have been feeling stiff. Also did a bunch of shit overhead at work today so didn’t push any jokers on incline. Wanted to run 2 miles but the treadmills were jammed and it’s freezing outside so skipped rope till one opened up and got to it. Legs and either distance, hills or bike sprints tomorrow. Y’all be good.

1’s week-
1,000 reps jump rope

Bench-45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 145/165/185x5, 205x6, 215™x3, 225x2

DB Inc- 30/50x10, 70’sx10,8,8 + MGC- 5x10

FP/Tri/Fat grip curls- 3x15’s

10 minutes jump rope

Pretty good session. Did Jiu-Jitsu for 1.5 hours on Saturday and my knees, shoulders and elbows felt like peanut brittle. I also got less than 5 hours of sleep last night. Even so, got 6 on my 1+ weight so I’ll take it. Had 4 on 215 but as I was about to go for the 4th rep gues some dude thought I was struggling and literally ran over and grabbed the bar. Have absolutely no idea what he was thinking, but racked it and called the set. Also brought my grip out maybe one finger width and it felt pretty good, so gonna keep it there. Wanted to run but all the treadmills were taken so skipped rope instead. Legs tomorrow, y’all be good.

10 Minute bike ride

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/165/185/205/235/265x5

LC-5x10 + LP-5x10 + Ab wheel-5x10

10 minute bike sprints- 50 seconds 70 rpm, 10 seconds 128-140+ rpm for 10 straight minutes

Another night of shitty sleep, but got off a bit early and snuck in a 20 minute nap. Decent session. The weather’s supposedly gonna warm up a bit tomorrow so gonna try to get in a run before BJJ and light sparring.

1,000 rep jump rope warmup

Incline- 45x2x10, 95x10, 115x8, 135/155/165/175x5

Chest supported cable row-5x10 + DB Bench- 40/60x10, 80’sx10,9,8

BPA-3x15 + Curl- 3x15 + Lateral raise- 3x10

Ran 1.6 miles in 13 minutes

Pretty good session. My sleep has sucked balls this week but caffeine is helping the push. Had ZERO interest in running after but forced myself to do it outside in the cold and actually had a decent pace. Legs tomorrow.

10 minute bike ride


SLP-3x10 + LC- 3x10 + Ab circuit- 3x10

1 mile run in around 7:20

Pretty good session. Worked late earlier in the week but instead of taking OT decided to cut out two hours early and break off a nap today. It helped. Knees were super stiff at the start of the run but loosened up after about 2/10th’s of a mile. Jiu-Jitsu tomorrow. Y’all be good.

Skipped rope for 5 minutes, did some movement drills then did an hour of Jiu-Jitsu. Well, more accurately had Jiu-Jitsu done on me for about an hour, but the work got done either way.

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1,000 reps jump rope (Not sure if I’ve ever said this, but these are unbroken and done as one set)

Bench- 45x2x10, 95x10, 135x8, 150/170x5, 190x10, 200/210x5 (a couple of paused reps on the 200)

DB Inc- 25/50x10, 70’sx10,8,8 + MGC- 5x10

FP-3x15 + CG Pushups- 3x20-something + Hammer curl- 3x12

1 Mile run in about 7:30

Decent session. Had the day off. Passed out early last night but woke up at 3-something and was up till about 7 where I fell back asleep for a few hours and have felt off all day. Got stitches towards the end of my run, which don’t think has happened since I started running consistently. Odd day, but got the work in and made small improvements in spots. Legs tomorrow.

Edit: Want to add that I felt like I had a few more in the tank on the top set but the bar was rolling back in my hands and my wrists were bending and I was losing the ability to push. Not sure how or why this was happening, but it is what it is.

10+ minute ride to the gym

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/165/185/205/225x5

RFESS-3x10 + LC-3x10 + Ab Wheel-3x20

1.3 mile run in about 9 minutes

My right knee has felt pretty janky lately. Think it’s the Jiu-Jitsu. Dropped back in weight and no belt to really hammer form on high bar squats. Was gonna go for reps but my knee, hip and low back started feeling off so called it. Squats in general have felt off lately. Once upon a time I was a 405lb squatter, but that was pre-injuries and low bar. A clean 315 for 5 high bar would be more than enough for these old bones nowadays. Jiu-Jitsu and light sparring tomorrow. Y’all be good.