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Old Man Flash's log

30 minutes yoga. Gonna stick with this one till I don’t suck at it.

1k jump rope

Incline- 45x2x10, 95/115/135/145x5, 155x10, 165x5, 175x4

DB Bench - 40/60’sx10, 80’sx10,9,8 + Cable row- 5x15

FP/PU/C-20/20/10x5 rounds

Hand release pushups- 33, 22

1.86 miles in 15 minutes

Pretty good session. Obviously back on 5/3/1. Gonna do legs tomorrow and probably just roll into 3’s week on Monday.

10 Minute bike


Called it. My back, knees and hips felt trashed from a combo of the multiple sets of heavy squats earlier in the week and running, so decided to be smart and shut it down. Might run tomorrow or just take it easy all weekend, and might roll into 3’s week or just start over on Monday. Who knows? Y’all have a good weekend.

Good to see you back mate. Remember when you used to post on here years ago.

Thanks bud, remember you as well. Hope everything’s been good and you and yours are surviving the apocalypse.

1K jump rope

Bench- 45x2x10, 95/135/155/175x5, 195x8, 205x5, 215x4

DB Inc-30/50’sx10, 70’sx10,9,8 + Multi grip chin-5x10

Tri/ Laterals/ Curl- 20/10/10x5 rounds

Hand release pushups- 37, 20-something

1.5 miles outside in just under 14 minutes

Everything today felt great; form, speed, strength, everything. Had at least one more rep on everything and my form felt the best it has in a long time. Saw on someone’s log that they do back work every session and I’m gonna steal that. A vertical pull on upper days and a horizontal pull on lower days, all at 5x10-15 with a challenging weight but nowhere near failure. Squats tomorrow.

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Long bike ride there.

Squats-bw/45x10, 95/135/185/205/225x5, 255x9 + 5x20 facepulls

LP-1/2/3/4/5x10 + LC-5x10

Chest supported row-5x10 + weighted crunches-5x10 + cable twists-5x10

30 minute ride around the hood.

My knees, hips and lower back felt like straight ass going into this. Not just my knees, but the area that ties into the top of the knee, so guess the tendons. Had more at 255 but didn’t want to stress myself. As much as I’m enjoying running I need to scale back to 2-3 days a week and build from there. My body just isn’t ready with all the injuries I’ve had. M/Th/Sa seems like a good place to start. I’ll do something tomorrow, probably yoga.

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Yoga yesterday

Today I rode to the gym which is just over a mile

Inc-45x2x10, 95/115/135/145x5, 155x10, 165x5, 175x4

Lat pulldown-5x10 + DB Bench- 80’sx10,9,8


Pushups- 40-something, 20-something

2 mile run outside in exactly 18 minutes. Pretty good session. Stayed up a little later and drank a little more with this chick than intended last night. Had fun, but was dragging a bit today. Legs tomorrow, then maybe a run after. Helping a buddy move on Saturday which will be an all day affair, so need to get something in tomorrow.

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Long ride to gym

TBD- 135/185/225/275x5, 325x8 + Ab wheel- 5x10

SSBBSS- barx10, 95x3x10

Back extensions +45- 5x10

20 minute ride around neighborhood. Kept it simple today. Knee’s are still a little beat up so didn’t want to push it. Decided to abandon training back everyday 'cause I just didn’t like it. Y’all be good.

1,000 reps jump rope

Bench- 45x2x10, 95/135/165/185x5, 205x6, 215/225x3, 185x9

Multi grip chin- 5x10 + DB Inc- 45’sx10, 70’sx10,8,8

Facepull/tri’s/curls-20/20/10x5 rounds

pushups-37, 20-something

It was dumping rain and the gym was packed and has every other treadmill on ice due to Covid so called an audible and skipped rope for 15 straight minutes. Don’t really log that kind of thing but think that’s the longest I’ve ever skipped for. Honestly felt like I could’ve gone indefinitely. Damn good session. Legs tomorrow.

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10 minute bike warmup level 5

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/185/205/245x5, 275x6

LP-1/2/3/4/4 platesx10 + HLR- 5x10 + Leg curl- 5x10

20 minutes bike on level 8

Pretty good lift. Haven’t slept well the last two nights for some reason and was dragging like no other today. Decent lift though, and the squat felt pretty good form wise. We’re still in the midst of a light storm and it’s been raining nonstop here for two days straight, so no outside conditioning. Wanted to run today but knee’s are achey and didn’t want to push it. Definitely gonna run after Thursday’s lift, hopefully outside in the glorious sunshine. Something tomorrow, I’ll holler.

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I’m sure your knees have been aching for close to a decade mate :joy:

Hahaha, been longer than that. They actually feel better than they have in a long time, but I’m damaged goods so some days are just gonna be not awesome.

1k jump rope in just over 5 minutes

Inc-45x2x10, 95/115/135/145/155x5, 165x8, 175x3

Lat pulldown -3x10 + DB bench-40/60’sx10, 80’sx10,8,8 + DB Row-80’sx3x10

Facepull/tri/lateral/curl-20/15/15/12x3 rounds

One set of 50 pushups

1 mile run in around 7:30

Pretty good session. Did the pulldowns during the warmups of the db bench, and the rows during the main sets. Gonna start including a vertical and horizontal pull in each upper session. The giant set had my shoulders and arms blown up, and that set of 50 pushups was brutal; got to 35-ish then had to take breaks in the downward dog position in mini sets of 2-3 before I hit 50. Don’t think I’ve ever felt a shoulder burn like that. Legs tomorrow.

5 minute bike

TBD-135/185/225/275/305X5, 345x6 + 5x15 ab wheel

Single leg pres-3x10 Back extensions+45x5x10 + weighted side bends- 5x10

5 minute jump rope, 5 minute bike

The trap bar didn’t feel bad but directly after the tendon on top inside of my right knee felt awful. Tried some single leg stuff that felt like shit then went to the leg press where even 1 plate a side was uncomfortable. Wanted to finish with skipping rope but even that and riding didn’t feel great so called it. Hope to run tomorrow but not gonna push this.

Ran 2.2 miles in just under 18 minutes.

500-something reps jump rope then my rope broke

Bench-45x2x10, 95/135/155/175/195x5, 215x4, 225x3, 185x9 + 5x10 MGC between last 3 sets here and first 2 warmups on DB

DB Inc- 30/50’sx10, 70’sx10,8,8 + 5x10 cable row

FP/Lateral/tri/bi-20/10/20/10x3 rounds 50 pushups (40, downward dog, 4+4+2)

1.7 miles in just under 15 minutes.

Good session. Not sure what the expiration date on jump ropes is, but at just over 500 it popped outta the handle and was deader’n fried chicken. I’ve had it for at least 5 years and use it pretty often, and think it only cost ten bucks so I got my money’s worth. Had 5 at 215 but didn’t want the last rep to be ugly so called it. If all goes well I’ll be back at 225x5 by the end of the year. Read a few other 531 logs where on upper days they’re getting in a lot of back work so gonna try it out. Felt pretty good. Didn’t chart my run, just ran for 15 minutes. If I knew I was that close to 2 miles I would’ve pushed to hit it in 16 minutes. Felt REALLY good while running. Can tell it’s getting better 'cause I’m starting to pass people I see regularly who I used to trail. Legs tomorrow.

So, go to two different gyms, one .6 miles away and the other.8. The .6 is an Anytime that’s a really small neighborhood “studio” style gym but has some cool equipment and specialty bars, and the other is an LA Fitness that’s your traditional commercial gym but it’s legitimately at least 10x the size and is full of in shape, motivated people. Joined the Anytime 'cause they opened immediately during Covid, and joined LA 'cause Anytime then immediately removed about a 3rd of their equipment due to state restrictions. They only started with 2 squat racks, one bench and incline and a handful of adjustable benches. I should try to get out 'cause I’m going progressively less, but I’m sure there’s restrictions due to my contract.

Anyway, I’ve been doing upper at LA and lower at Anytime, but rode the long way to Anytime today and it was packed, so jumped back on the bike and rode to LA.

Squats- bw/45x10, 95/135/185/225/255x5, 285x4

LP-1/2/3/4/5 platesx10 + Ab wheel-5x10

Leg curls- 5x10

30 minute bike ride

Good session. Considering dropping deads as all they seem to do is chew me up, and considering a second squat day like front squats or something. If anyone’s reading I’d appreciate some feedback.

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With your knees, I’d be hitting one leg day a week max. Just my opinion however.

I’ve tried that a few times but they actually seem to feel better with two. Was thinking either another squat day or a “bodybuilding” day of mostly machines, higher reps and short rest. I’ll dig around for ideas. Thanks for checking in, homie🤝🏻.

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