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Old Man Flash's log

Howdy. Used to post here years back but stopped for a number of reasons. Felt like keeping an online log would hold me accountable to actually jot down what I’m doing. I’m 38 (39 in December), have had about a billion injuries, caught a bacterial infection four years ago that mimicked pneumonia and ate about 20lbs of muscle, changed the scaffolding of my lungs and took over two years to recover from (and I’m still not quite where I was beforehand) and I’m just literally free of Covid as of my last test this past Thursday. Fortunately I didn’t deal with any major respiratory issues (which I was legitimately scared of) but had unbelievable nausea off and on for 3 weeks, which usually culminated in me yakking up whatever I ate. It seems to have passed, but still not back to my job yet.

Anyhow, today was my first day back to real training in a bit. Running 5/3/1 4 days a week but subbing the SSB for squats, Trap bar for deads and Incline for OHP. I’ll take deloads as I see fit, not as prescribed. I’ll always warmup by skipping rope or riding the bike or something and will always try to finish with the airdyne, more skipping, bike sprints, etc. Go to an Anytime Fitness that is pretty small but has the basics and a few specialty bars. My goals are pretty basic, but the injuries and illnesses I’ve had keep jamming a wrench in the plans. Want to get back to a 225x10 bench, 315x10 squat (SSB), 405x10 TBD and 225x5 Incline. Feel like these are realistic goals as long as I don’t keep crapping out. Anyway…

Warmup- 1,000 revs jump rope alternating between double leg and boxer skip every 100. Took 7 minutes and change. Bench- 45x2x10, 95/135/155/175x5, 195x8, 205x5, 215x3

5x10- multi-grip chins + DB Incline-25/45’sx10, 65’sx3x10

Facepulls/Tri/bi- 3x15’s, max set of pushups (think I got 42), 15 minutes airdyne. Whole session took about an hour and ten minutes. Pretty good session. Bodyweight was 172 in just shorts and socks at the gym. Goal is 180-185. Legs tomorrow.

Legs- 10 min bike at level 5

SSB-barx10, 95/135/185/215x5, 245x10, 260x5

Leg press-1/2/3/4/5 platesx10 + leg curls-5x10 + ab whell-5x10

Airdyne sprints- 10 minutes at 50 seconds smooth, 10 seconds sprints.

Whole session took just over an hour all included. Was gonna do 275x5 on the SSB but decided to chill.

1,000 reps jump rope alternating double/boxer skips every hundred.

Incline-45x2x10, 95/115/135/145/155x5, 165x10, 175/185x5

Cable rows- 5x10 + db bench-40’s/60’sx10, 80’sx10,8,8

Facepulls/tris/reverse curls-3x15
Max set pushups (43)

No conditioning, had to somewhere to be. Legs tomorrow.


Trap bar (always low handle)- 135/185/225/275/325x5 supersetted with ab wheel 5x10

Only do 5’s on deads as I’ve had back issues I don’t want to aggravate. Was supposed to help a buddy wire up his trailer so called it after the main work. Said “supposed to” 'cause we bought all of the material then ended up just drinking beer and shooting the cans for a few hours. Was a good day.

Warmup- 1k revs jump rope

Bench-45x2x10, 95/135/165/185x5, 205x7, 215x3, 185x10
Multi grip chins/pulls- 5x10 + DB inc- 25/45’sx10, 65’sx11,11,10
10 minutes jump rope max set pushups (50)

Drank a ton this weekend so today probably wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, but still pretty good. Legs tomorrow and back at work Wednesday.

Took the long route to the gym on the bike, about a 15 minute ride.

Squats (straight bar)-45/95/135/185/205/225x5, 255x8

Leg press-1/2/3/4/5 plates, leg curls, abs and calves-5x10 done as a circuit

Even longer route home, about 20 minutes. Good session, wanted to see how the straight bar felt and it was great. Added a belt to the top set. Probably gonna go for a run or something tomorrow.

Went on a 2.1 mile jog in 95 degree Houston weather. Didn’t map it beforehand and didn’t bring headphones; have had a lot on my mind and just wanted to run and clear my head. No idea how long it took 'cause I was shooting the breeze with a neighbor on the way out and lost where I was. Need to do this at least once a week, preferably twice. Used to think running (or any form of “cardio”) was gay and killed gains, but as I’ve gotten older I kind of enjoy it. Makes me wish I’d done more when I was young and healthy.

Upper tomorrow.

1k jump rope warmup

Incline-45x2x10, 95/115/135/155/165x5, 175x8,185/195x3 paused

Db rows-5x10@80’s + Db bench-30/55’sx10, 80’sx10,9,8

Facepull-15/cg pushups-30/25/20/reverse curls-15x3

1.5 mile jog

Pretty good session. Haven’t jogged two days in a row in, well, maybe ever, but enjoyed it so much decided to double up. Immediately realized I felt like I borrowed someone’s wooden legs, but got it in. Legs tomorrow.

10 minute bike warmup


SSB lunge-95/115/135x10

Single leg curl/calves/ab wheel-3x10

Stayed up late last night, worked all day and running the last couple of days had me smoked for this. 345 for 5 was super easy, but gotta trust the process. No conditioning today but will likely sneak in a run tomorrow.

Welp, 'cause I’m an idiot I miscalculated my run. Thought I just finished a 5k in just under 24 minutes, which obviously isn’t great but is pretty good for me since I’ve only ran 3 times in about 2 months (all this week) and I just got over Covid, but… I actually ran right at 2.5 miles. Still the longest I’ve ran in a good while. Honestly don’t see much point in running more than a 5k for my goals, but it’d be pretty dope to hit a 20 minute or under time there. Since I’m in Houston and our seasons are really only variations of hot and rainy hot I might as well take advantage. Gonna go jump in the pool, upper Monday. Y’all be good.

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1k jump rope warmup

45x2x10,95/135/155/175/195/215x5, 225x3, 195x8

Multi grip chins- 5x10 + db inc-25/45’sx10, 70’sx10,9,7

FP-15/PU-30,20,20/Hammer curl-10x3

20 minute jog (about 2.25 miles

Good session. Technically hit the bottom of the pin on the 5th rep at 215 so had to set it on the mid catches, but the weight was moving pretty smoothly and might’ve had 6 without the interference so I’m claiming 5. Bodyweight was 173 and change in shorts and socks. Legs tomorrow, might run some hills afterwards.

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