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Old Man Finishing Cycle

This was a learning experience, I’ll do better on my next one.

250mg test e (Mex QV) 2 x week, for 500mg per week
125mg deca (Mex QV) 2 x week, for 250mg per week.

After week 6 added Armidex daily due to tingling in nipples, that helped

After week 8 swapped to Golden Triangle Test and Deca, same dosage Test, but added 50-75mg of Deca for total of 325 per week.

Did 1st two or three weeks on orals (Denka DBOL, but stopped that due to some weird feelings.

Went into this at 6’2" and 220, with ~25BF, after all this time I jumped to 230+ for a few weeks, and then droped back to
225. My BF APPEARS to have dropped, lots of definition, strength has gone up pretty well, say 30 - 50 lbs on bench and ~75 on deadlift.


Bottom line I have NOT blown up, but I do have better definition, less BF, and more stregnth, and I just plan feel better.

Balls have NOT shrunk at all, will be doing Nolvadex and HCG Post cycle.

In hind sight, I did not eat my ass off, I ate good, lots of protein, small amounts of carbs, big shake post workout, etc… but I did not force myself to eat.

Any thoughts from the gallery of lurkers???

I hate to break it to you, but since you did deca, your cycle is FAR from over! Don’t bother begining pct for about 2 months after your last deca shot.

Not too sure what you wanna hear brother???

Was your goal to blow up? If so you answered your own question. To quote the old saying “You can’t build a house without the right amount of bricks” or something like that. You didn’t necessarily use “cutting” gear but then again any gear is good for cutting ie. perserving muscle (maybe gaining a little) when you are training hard and taking in maintenance/below maintenance calories. No offense but unless you’ve been in it long enough,or are clever enough to know exactly how many cals, protein, fats, carbs, you took in every day it’s pretty unlikely you’ll make decent progress. KEEP a diet journal next time and until you get the hang of it ALL the time. It will help. BTW nice strength gains and I hope your pct goes smooth.

THere’s alot of very helpful guys here so feel free to ask away (just make sure you use the damn search engine first). THat goes for everyone please. BTW p-22 is correct…again.

HCG is suppressive so I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it as part of a PCT.

I use it 500iu per week, 2 shots on the weekend, concurrently on cycle.

I know that a lot of people use it as PCT, but you’re introducing something that mimics LH, exogenously, so no matter how you slice it, your body is not recovering, it only feels like it is.

Agree with ub, don’t use HCG post cycle. I would use 250-500iu split up into 2 doses. Just use the nolva post cycle.

Also, your cycle looks good, as you said the problem was your diet. Steroids can work magic, but not by themselves. Give them help and the magic will happen.