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Old Man Finally Ready to Try PEDs


Hello first poster here. I wanted to get some feedback on my situation on what you guys think I should do.

I’m 36 years old and have been lifting since middle school. Mostly upper body and bro lifting to look good. I played college football but never did squats or deadlifts because my legs were always so sore from hitting the sleds and running gassers. My health started going to shit (lack of exercise and poor diet) and when I was 33 I was diagnosed with genetically high triglycerides (700+) with high blood pressure and I was considered pre-diabetic (I am married and have 5 kids so diet and exercise stopping being a priority.) I was 285lbs and 25% BF. I’m 6’1" tall

I decided that I didn’t need to take drugs to control my triglycerides I would try exercise and better diet and fish oil. I started hitting the gym and cleaned up my diet. Within 8 months I dropped to 17% BF at 275lbs. I started doing powerlifting because I felt like I neglected the big lifts in my youth and I fell in love with deadlifts (and I tolerate squats) All my blood work came back nearly normal (slightly high on some things but well within anything to worry about my doc said)

As far as strength goes, I was a natural bench presser. My lifetime bench progression goes like this:
Start working out on mom’s universal machine in 5th grade
175lbs in 7th grade (first time doing a full size olympic bar)
235lbs in 8th grade
315lbs in 9th grade
365lbs in 10th grade
405lbs in 11th grade
440lbs in 12 grade
465lbs when I was 21 and stopped lifting regularly

When I first started training full powerlifting, my lifts were 515/460/600/245 Squat/Bench/Deadlift and OHP added in. I started doing the Wendler 5/3/1 program and in one year got to 635/485/640/285 on my lifts. I did my first competition about 10 months in and did a 1681 total at 275 lbs and I’m about 15-17% BF still. I was a bit conservative with my lifts being my first meet and not being able to hold my deadlifts very well. Most of my progress on squat and deads have been with form and being comfortable with the weight. Bench has been kind of stagnant.

One year ago, my doctor said ran some blood work and said I had low test levels (250) and I was below the threshold and could get on TRT if I wanted to. I did and he prescribed 100mg of Test-Cyp a week.

After being on it for 6 months I was rechecked with normal test levels of about 500. Not really any appreciable strength gains. I train now at a hardcore powerlifting gym and talked with some guys there that I know have experience with gear and they said 100mg is one tenth what a guy my size would normally be taking for strength gain.

I want to be cautious because of side effects but I compete in untested federations against guys that are pretty open about their use and with my age I’m a bit handicapped plus being pretty much natty. I can’t compete in tested feds because I’m on TRT and would flag as taking gear anyway plus the guys in tested feds are just skating around getting caught. I was thinking of just upping my Test-Cyp to 350mg a week and seeing how that goes and have been doing so for about 2 months.

I also started a new program as the Wendler 5/3/1 is more a beginner to novice program so I’m doing the Juggernaut 2.0 that has a lot more volume in it. I think my strength is starting to go up but I haven’t tested it yet.

Should I just continue with these conservative doses and see how it goes? I hear Tren gives massive strength gains but also the worst side effects. I don’t want to really gain more mass I want to stay in the 275lbs weight class.

What do you guys think?


I think you’re a beast if you are truly 275lbs at 6’1 with 15% body fat. That’s insane.

If I were you I would get my TRT dialed in better and try that for awhile. Most guys on TRT shoot for top of normal range numbers. For example, I take 130mg/week and my T levels are about 1000. Everybody metabolizes it differently and you have about 80 lbs on me, but that doesn’t mean you need more. Its how your body responds to it. Based on your 500 number you should probably get a more comprehensive test done, check your estrogens, T, Free T, DHT, and maybe even check out your thyroid although it doesn’t sound like an issue at all. You will make nice progress just getting your T levels to the high end of natural.


Are you on AIs? Really need to know your numbers here (besides Total T). Gotta control your E2.

Also, there is a HUGE difference in the way you will feel at 500 vs >1000.

Anyway, post some numbers soon


And Tren sides (at least for me) were not that bad. Horrible night sweats were the worst. My wife said it made me act mean so I stopped. But, it burned fat like crazy and I could eat anything I wanted, made your body use every freaking molecule of nutrition. Actually made me hypoglycemic


I’m sorry I don’t know what AIs are. I’m really new to this. My doc ordered just test levels I think since I’m just on light doses for TRT.

But if i know what AIs are they might be on my lab report and I can tell you.


Aromatase Inhibitors…Test readily converts to estrogen and you really need an AI or SERM to combat this.

You need to post your lab work, especially Estrodiol (E2), Total Test, Free Test, TSH, etc. Hard to give you recommendations without lab work


Here are the labs they ran after I started TRT and been on it for months


So I dont see any Estradiol in there. Your Free test is high which is good but your hemocrit is high too. You should consider donating blood to control that.

You really need to know your Estrogen levels and be prepared to keep those at optimum levels. You should also get tested for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Look up the stickies on the TRT forum. @KSman has posted TONS of great info there for the questions you are asking.


Where do you go to donate blood on a regular basis? I checked the the Red Cross website and there are no drives near me in a 20 mile radius and I live in a big city in California


i go to a Red Cross every 8 weeks. Once they get you on their books, they are pretty good about calling every 8 weeks. Surprising that there isnt one near you, I live in a big city in TX and there are tons of places to donate blood.

Are you looking up Red Cross or Blood Centers? I go to a blood center.