Old Man Fat Loss Cycle Advice?

Good morning, I am a 52 y/o male in need of advice:

Currently stats - 5’8” 180 pounds with a history of on and off gym attendance and due to COVID I have been away from the gym for a few months now. Even when I was hitting the gym hard for a few years using over the counter supplements I could not gain much muscle. My brother and now 20 y/o son have the similar lack of ability to gain much muscle, it must be genetic.

I about to start using Phentermine again for 90 days. I have used this once before and with significant diet discipline I was able to go from 205 to 165 in 90 days. That was over 2 years ago and I have crept back up to 180 since the first of this year. My ideal weight would be right around the 160 - 170 assuming no additional muscle growth. At my age I find it difficult and unlikely to get much gain in muscle size though I would love to be corrected. So losing weight should be fairly straight forward for the next 90 days.

Additional facts:
I am currently on doctor prescribed testosterone Cypionate Injection taking 200 ml per week.

I have a vile of DECA that I have not tried as I am not sure how to introduce it with my current goal of losing the fat I have regained

I have a box of Oxandrolon - 10mg / 60 tabs - should I use this with the Phentermine or wait and use it after or in place of? Not sure what to do with this…

I am interested in trying HGH, I am able to purchase pharmacy grade product but I don’t really know which product is best. I prefer injectable and want real HGH, any help here on which kind of HGH is real and the best?

So bottom line, this is what I have available to me today, but I am very open to purchasing additional products if necessary.

Overall my goal is simple, I want to lean. I don’t believe ripped is a realistic goal as at this point in my life. I eat with my family and I can’t put everyone on a strict diet. If I could put some additional size on my chest / arms bonus but I have mostly given up on that.

Thank in advance for the help, I really appreciate it.

Diet, TRT and regular training and will get you what you want, in that order. I don’t think you should be doing anything else looking at your post. Take your shots, eat well and don’t look for a quick fix. Simple. Not sure what you’re taking 10ml of but that sounds wrong.


I agree on not using anything other than your trt at this point. 200 mg a week is pretty solid and should make a pretty solid difference.

As to HGH, do you have lab work for GH or igf-1? I have low igf-1, and use mk-677 to bring it up. Maybe something to look into? It is fairly effective, and much more cost effective. Makes you hungry, so maybe not the best for weight loss.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I updated my post, I am taking 200 ml of Testosterone Cypionate weekly. I am assuming when you post TRT you are saying Testosterone Replacement Therapy but please correct me if I am wrong. If so, that is that the Test I am taking now is for. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I think you mean 200 mg/week. Which seem about right for a TRT dose.

One vial of Deca isnt going to do much for you plus you could suffer from erectile dysfunction. Give it to someone else.

Again, this is not much to do anything with. For fat loss, you need to run about 50 mg/day in 2 doses. You have a total of 600 mg, that’s 12 days worth. Either get more or toss it.

HGH is very expensive. Read my HGH primer here:

For the record I’m 55, 5’7"@ 210 at 16 -17% BF.

I do have lab work that shows my HGH level at zero, I was concerned but the doc didn’t seem to really care “at your age what do you really need HGH for anyway” was her response.

I followed your post @studhammer, very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond to all of my questions.

Sometimes Docs behave like the most ignorant retard. But I actually do understand how people can study medicine successfully and still have no clue about basic stuff.

For reference, HGH was mentioned ONCE in my 5 year pharmacy studies at the university. It really is in the hands of the students to make the most of their time at university and if someone doesn’t invest his spare time into more books and papers, the person will end up like that Doctor of yours, fully ignorant to basic medicinal knowledge.

Then on top most people don’t read any papers when they get out of university as a Doc/pharmacist/healthcare professional so they don’t know if there are new developments. Just sad.


Question for you since you are pharm/med student:

Is it just me, or are PCP’s/GP’s blissfully ignorant to the use of anabolic steroids? We all know that exogenous compounds will elevate liver values, etc. (especially orals), however, as soon as they see the slightest indication of elevated levels, the “steroids are going to kill you” is their fall back.

Can anabolics directly kill? I don’t know. I don’t practice medicine. Certainly years of abuse is not recommended.

But to me, it seems, doctors either gloss over this area in med school because they’re lazy (not you) or immediately believe they’re inherently bad based upon isolated incidents. Furthermore, with testosterone being synthesized sometime in the 1930s, you would think they would have MUCH more knowledge regarding all compounds and have a better understand of how to care for an individual that uses them.

I apologize for the long and convoluted post, but for doctors that spend YEARS practicing/honing their craft, you would think they would attempt to gain a better understanding of all compounds - legal or illegal.

Do you have IGF-1 labs? HGH when produced endogenously is pulsatile. This means if you get a lab taken shortly after the pulse it will be really low, if you get a lab on the pulse it will be much higher.

IGF-1 is a hormone produced in the liver from the pulses of GH. The liver acts like a buffer to smooth out the pulses. So IGF-1 is much more steady in the body than HGH. If that is low, then it is a good indicator. In studies I have read that looked at both HGH and IGF-1, the IGF-1 was a single measurement, HGH they measured a whole bunch of times and averaged it out (to deal with the pulsatile nature of the hormone).

My doctor had not even heard of anastrozole before I mentioned it. I have found that many of the gear heads understand hormones pretty well comparatively. Some are dumb and just blindly inject themselves. I guess for me, I really need to understand what I am doing before sticking a needle in myself. Understanding pharmacology to pass a test is different for most people, than understanding it to a level that they are comfortable putting that substance into their bodies.

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That only applies to people with something approaching a work ethic. Most students learn to pass tests.

I’ll tell you my experience with anabolic steroids in university. We had physiology in the 3rd semester where the endocrine system was explained, the HPTA axis. That was 4 h.

Then there was pharmacology where we learned about the endocrine system and the compounds. Anastrozole, tamoxifen, buserelin, the relixes, and the estrogens were taught in 1.5 hours. When we came to male hormones he said “TRT is not proven to be safe, it gets prescribed more and more but we don’t know enough”. That’s it. When it came to AAS he put all the names on one slide and said “the only use for those is for aplastic anemia and they are used as PEDs”

That’s all we learned about this topic. No test ever at our university asked one thing about testosterone or estrogen (besides cancer treatment).

It’s just not deemed important.

Edit: for reference I had 8-10 hours of university everyday of the semester for 8 semesters straight

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Eat with your family but just eat 20% less. Problem solved. No need for phentermine, which was pulled off the market because it was dangerous as Hell. Based on your trt dose you may be 52 but your testosterone level is probably closer to someone your son’s age. You can absolutely get to your goal with just that and some decent discipline. Once you’re there you’ll be surprised how easy it is to put on some size with the addition of another steroid.

As to HGH…if you’re looking for a simple replacement dose then that’s probably 2iu/d or 4iu/eod. It’s not the most affordable thing in the world, but if you can get real stuff then it’s probably worth it as a quality of life booster.


Excellent posts! The recreational drug users on here think med students have time to take a GAINZ101 course with Patrick Arnold and Dan Duchaine channeling from the beyond. Thank you.

Ah yes, the good ole days of Fen-Phen. Friends don’t let their 52 year old friends take phentermine. Fen-Phen pulled off the market but you can still get Phentermine by Rx. Actually fenfluramine just recently got approved again in the US. When I get a moment we can take a stroll down 5-HT2B receptor lane.

@hisfunbox, please take care of yourself man.

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Yes that is also a problem. Medicine and pharmacy students don’t have any time left after studying what’s asked of them. It’s a hell of a lot of pages to learn by heart. AAS are just not important therapeutic wise.
I think a lot of doctors know about AAS what they see on the news.

The funny thing is, we have extra courses for party drugs and their effects. “Addictive substances” it’s called and taught for at least 8 hours in pharmacology. (That’s a week of pharmacology dedicated to that subject)

I think the endocrine system gets covered very badly generally in our field.

Ok that’s it. No more hijacking this thread

Nice, I’m looking forward to it. One of the under-appreciated serotonin receptors getting some flashlight. I love it!